Secret Shade: A History Of Beyonce And Kim Kardashian’s Passive Aggressive Feud

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beyonce and kim

A History Of Beyonce And Kim Kardashian’s Feuds

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have had an interesting relationship, especially since Kim started dating Beyonce’s husband’s best friend. For the most part, they’ve had nothing but passive aggressive back and forths and it’s pretty petty. Take a look.


Initial Shade – From jump, Beyonce was said to want no part of being associated with Kim and Kanye…blame her?

2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And Backstage

Sitting Together – Still the two hung out together at the BET awards…sort of. Something was still off.

Beyonce, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West and television personality Kim Kardashian

Made In America? – Apparently Beyonce got upset that Kim Kardashian showed up to Jay Z’s Made In America concert and tried to get into the movie and a film with director Ron Howard.

Jay-Z pays Kanye West a visit at his New York apartment,

No VIP? – There was a rumor that Beyonce didn’t want Kim in the VIP area watching Jay’s performance.

Beyonce, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West and television personality Kim Kardashian attend the 2012 BET Awards

Kim The Stan – In April it was rumored that Kim hung out with Beyonce and basically fawned over her and acted like a fan but Bey wasn’t that impressed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.19.36 AM

Kim Kardashian Denies The Shade – With Sway in the Morning, Kim said that the feud was a myth. Hmmm…

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    Beyonce Hangs With Amber Rose – Hmmm…


    No Reality Show For Bey – Beyonce wanted NO part of being in the reality show.


    Going To The Wedding? – Rumor had it that Beyonce didn’t want to go to the Kardashian/West wedding…would she or wouldn’t she?

    Wedding Shade – Beyonce posted this pic of herself NOT at the wedding to show the world she wasn’t going.


    Kim’s Wedding Song – Kim really walked out to the same song Beyonce did…for shame.

    Awwww… – Bey sent this sappy IG pic and a weak congratulations to KimYe on their wedding. Buy it?

    Rachel Roy Lemonade

    Rachel Roy Friendship – We’ve learned that Rachel Roy and Kim K are besties…even though it’s been rumored that Jay Z cheated on Bey with her.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.24.42 AM

    Kim’s Lemonade Attention – Kim K decided to post provocative pics of herself getting tongued down while Beyonce’s Lemonade was on HBO. She can’t let anyone have the attention.


    Kimonade – Then Kim came through with an impersonation of Lemonade by mimicking the style…sigh.

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