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Rapper turned rocker, Lil’ Wayne, and his camp aren’t happy about how he has been portrayed in documentary, The Carter, and he is suing per a breach of contract that stated he’d have the final say-so in the footage used:

Lil’ Wayne and his Young Money Entertainment imprint, through which Wayne is singed to Cash Money and Universal Records, have filed a multi-level civil suit against QD3 Entertainment and its affiliate Digerati Holdings, LLC in connection with the critically acclaimed 2009 documentary The Carter.

In an elaborate and at times flowery suit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on March 23, attorneys levied charges including Breach of Contract, Fraud by Intentional Misrepresentation, Constructive Fraud and Invasion of Privacy against both companies, as well as Quincy Jones III, who is behind both corporations, and up to 50 unnamed co-defendants.

The charges stem from the presentation of The Carter at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in January, and Digerati Holdings’ plans to seek a theatrical release for the revealing documentary.

Shot over the course of several months, The Carter brings viewers into the controversial rappers life through concert and studio footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes access rarely available to the multiplatinum seller’s fans.

The suit explains that in 2007, Wayne was approached about the documentary, which QD3 and Digerati stated would offer an “in-depth look at the artist Dwayne ‘Lil Wayne’ Carter, Jr., proclaimed by many as the ‘greatest rapper’.”

By December of that year, Wayne and his company signed an agreement with Digerati which stipulated that Weezy would make himself available for the ninety-minute documentary and make photos and videos from his personal archives available to the producers.

In exchange he was to be allowed to review “various scenes of the Picture and have approval rights as to the final cut of the picture.”

The agreement went on to say, specifically, that Wayne would be given the “sole right of final approval” of any scenes that portrayed his actions or activities as criminal in nature.

In early December 2008 and during the first week of January, copies of the documentary were submitted to Lil’ Wayne’s manager, who rejected the footage, asking that certain questionable content, which management felt painted the artist in a negative light, be removed from the film.

Wayne’s manager also went on to demand, in writing, that the film would not be showcased at Sundance, unless the scenes in question were removed.

The film debuted to great fanfare at the 2009 Sundance Festival, were it was screened January 17, 19, 21 and 23, despite requests submitted by Wayne’s camp on January 21 to have the film pulled.

In addition to breaking their express agreement with Lil’ Wayne, his attorney submit that QD3 Entertainment and Digerati films deliberately defrauded the Grammy Award winner, as it had always been their desire to make a film that would paint Wayne in a negative light.

Wayne and Young Money Entertainment are seeking an injunction preventing the further distribution of The Carter, which they believe would cause irreparable damage to Wayne’s reputation and career.

Lil’ Wayne should win this case pretty handily. But he could have put a stop to any possibility of him being portrayed in a negative light by refraining from doing negative things. It ain’t exactly rocket science.

…but he isn’t doing suing the pants off mofos just yet:

In related news, Cash Money Records has filed a lawsuit against DJ Drama, The Aphilliates Music Group, distribution outlet BCD Music Group and others over damages incurred as a result of the creation and distribution of various Lil’ Wayne mixtapes.

The legal action surfaced on Thursday (Apr 2) when co-defendant Frank Nino released a YouTube video venting his anger at being included in the lawsuit.

While details of the suit remain sketchy at press time, the suit seems to relate to five specific mixtape releases: Happy Father’s Day, featuring music by Lil’ Wayne and Baby; Frank Nino’s When the North and South Collide; and the three volumes of DJ Drama’s Dedication Series

Weezy needs to get in his spaceship and hover, or whatever he needs to do to get off this suing tip.

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