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What the hell does being destitute have to do with hating black folks??

Study Shoes Racism Increases As The Economy Enters Recession

Via DailyMail

Some of the world’s most troubling times, which have included periods of intense racism, have occurred during economic downturns.

And now a new study has found that people really do have a tendency to become more racist during a recession.

Researchers found that faces seem ‘blacker’ and have stronger racial features during an economic downturn, and this in turn increases the likelihood of discrimination.

The study by New York University claims that conditions of ‘resource scarcity’ alter people’s perception of race.

Their work follows a study last year, which suggested racism is on the rise in the UK, fuelled by financial strife.

In four experiments, involving 285 non-black Americans, scientists David Amodio and Amy Krosch found people see faces different during an economic downturn.

‘It’s well known socioeconomic disparities between white Americans and racial minorities expand dramatically under conditions of economic scarcity,’ Professor Amodio said.

‘Our findings indicate scarcity changes the way people visually perceive another person’s race – and this perceptual distortion can contribute to disparities.’

How they gonna be mad at us just because THEY don’t have a job???

In the first experiment, participants were shown pictures of faces which varied along a continuum from black to white, before being asked to state whether the face in the image was black or white.

Individuals who held strong beliefs that white people suffer financially when black people make economic gains were more likely to perceive mixed-race faces as black, than individuals without such beliefs.

In the second experiment, the concept of economic scarcity was unconsciously introduced with subliminal messages like ‘scarce’, ‘sparse’ and ‘limited’. The scientists found that more people were likely to perceive mixed-race face images as black than when economic scarcity was not introduced.

Krosch said: ‘People typically assume what they see is an accurate representation of the world so if their initial perceptions of race are actually distorted by economic factors people may not even realise the potential for bias.’

Those who more strongly believed in resource competition between both racial types had a lower threshold for identifying mixed-race faces as black, than did subjects who did not hold these views.

People under financial strain generated images of faces with darker skin and stronger ‘Afrocentric’ features than people without tight budgets, in the third experiment.

And in the final test, participants allocated less money to faces that were perceived as ‘more black’ when money was scarce.

According to the study, which is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ‘the results suggest that economic scarcity may alter individuals’ visual perception of black Americans, likely eliciting increased discrimination and that this process may worsen socioeconomic disparities.’

This “study” sounds like a buncha bullisht to us, but what do you think? Could there be some merit to what NYU is suggesting?

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