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The pic above shows what happened when a would-be burglar broke into the wrong sister’s crib. Tiffany Friday found this lowlife having a free-for-all in her crib, and that’s when she called up her most dependable girlfriends to help her chase this cat and, boooy did they ever put hands on him when they found him:

A burglary suspect may have picked the wrong South Fairmont home to break into Thursday. Police said Lonnie Lane was burglarizing 1630 Waverly Ave. when the woman living in the home discovered him. The police report stated that 29-year-old Tiffany Friday chased Lane, 30, tackled him and held him down until police arrived.

Friday said she came home to find Lane and another man in her home. Since her home had been burglarized before, Friday said she knew where the men would come out of her house — the back. “I was mad. I mean, they had took, taken everything from us. I mean, they took my daughter’s games, my son’s games, they took TVs, computers,” said Friday. Friday said she chased the men from her home, through her backyard and into the woods. She then ran back home, got into her friends’ car, and told them how to get to the other side of the woods.

When they arrived, Friday said, Lane was just coming out of the woods. When he recognized her, Friday said, he threw a brick at the car. “I got hit with sticks, stems, anything they could pick up, they was just throwing at me to keep me off of ’em. But, I kept runnin’, I was not gonna stop,” said Friday. Friday said she and her friends piled out of the car and grabbed Lane. “I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and I hit him in the woods. And as I went to go for the other one, he grabbed the rest of the stuff that the guy dropped and he got away. I said, ‘OK, you can get away, but this one right here, he’s not goin’ nowhere,'” said Friday. While the report did not detail if Friday assaulted Lane, it did note that “injuries to arrested occurred prior to police contact.” (emphasis theirs)
Friday said she and her friends did hit Lane. “That was all of our work,” she said. Lane is being held on $25,000 bond for one count of burglary. The other man Friday said was in her home has not been identified.

That is exactly what his ass gets and if the nucca didn’t know then, he knows now. Go ahead girl!  F*ck a Thug (up). LOL




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