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Well this isn’t very SpottieOttieDopaliscious news.

Outkast Fighting While On 20th Anniversary Festival Tour

Reports are saying that Andre 3000 and Bog Boi are having a hard time getting along on their 40-festival reunion tour. Are the Two Dope Boyz going their two separate ways for good? Via DishNation:

Outkast took a six-year hiatus from each other and now we know why!

Sources inside the hip hop duo’s camp exclusively told Dish Nation that the eight-time Grammy winners may be on tour, but they still don’t like each other.

“Andre and Big Boi may share a stage, but trust me – they can’t stand each other,” a source told Dish Nation. “They physically stand so far apart from each other when they’re performing that it’s become a joke that they’re two solo acts on stage. Andre has slammed Big Boi saying he was always high and late for rehearsals and Big Boi says Andre’s ego is out of control. Their animosity towards each other is why people think their Coachella reunion was such a disaster.”

Andre “3000” Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton have refuted rumors that the two don’t get along.

Our friends over at provided Dish Nation with an exclusive photo of the duo in mid-argument while on stage at the Bottle Rock Festival in Napa, California on May 31. According to the source, Andre felt Big Boi wasn’t assisting on verses so he leaned in and angrily shouted at him, “Come on man! F*ck! Back me up!”

According to the source, this was just one of many incidents that show the former friends, who are touring to celebrate their 20th anniversary as Oukast, have been estranged.

“They’re playing together, but when the music stops, they go their separate ways,” adds the source. “Friends drift apart and Andre and Big Boi definitely have.”

Frankly…we’ve them live a couple of times during this tour and their on-stage chemistry looked absolutely fine to us. But we can’t be everywhere, so there could be merit to this “onstage-argument” story.

These two did travel on separate tour buses back in the day, but come on. Things can’t be THAT bad between Big & Dre…can they???



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