“Pop” Quiz: Which Movie Dad Is Most Like Your Own?

- By Bossip Staff

Father’s Day is just around the corner and while we know that your proud papa is one of a kind, we’ve all seen at least one movie and couldn’t help but think: “man, this guy is just like my dad!”

But which movie dad REALLY IS just like your father?

Is he the quintessential handyman? The life long pimp? The old skool poster boy?

Take our quiz below and find out!

At your high school graduation, your dad was the one who:
Was in the middle of the aisle with the tripod camera
Gave you flavored condoms as a gift
Flirted with your teachers—all of them
Cried more than your mom throughout the ceremony
Mailed you a coupon to Red Lobster
Asked when you were getting a job
Your dad has never:
Left the house without his Kangol or fedora
Lost a fight
Been there
Worn a tie in his life
Missed one of your birthdays
Liked anyone you dated
Which song title best describes your dad?
“Big Pimpin” by Jay Z
“Paranoid” by Kanye West
“Man of The Year” by Schoolboy Q
“Lookin A** N***a” by Nicki Minaj
“The Worst” by Jhene Aiko
“Stay Schemin’” by Drake
How many siblings do you have with different last names?
We stopped counting
Two and two possibles
One and a possible
Your dad’s favorite thing to do in his spare time is:
Read a good book
Have family time
Shoot dice
Mind your business
Finish this sentence: My dad is an expert on:
Money management
Spades and dominoes
Everything! He’s a jack of all trades
In a movie about your father’s life, who would play your mama?
Kimberly Elise
Angela Bassett
Regina King
Tasha Smith
Taraji P. Henson
Zoe Saldana
What gift would your father most like for Father’s Day?
Game tickets
New tires for the family car
A home cooked meal and date night
A pack of razors
To go to the strip club
You got: Your dad is like Glenn Plummer (aka OG Bobby Johnson) in “South Central”
You know how they say anyone can be a dad but it takes a real man to be a father? Well, your pops definitely falls into the “dad” category—some might even go so far as to say he’s a deadbeat and with good cause. He wasn’t around much when you were growing up and always had some sideways excuse for missing out on your childhood. You have a better relationship with the guys on your block than with your sperm donor father. Your pops may show up every now and again in his later years (or not), but you give your mother sole credit for shaping you into who you’ve grown up to become.
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You got: Your dad is like Denzel Washington in “John Q”
A hardworking, blue-collar kinda guy, your pops puts family over everything, by any means necessary. If need be, he is not above going to extreme lengths to ensure the safety and comfort of those he loves. So if you know what’s good for you don’t mess with his kids, his family or his money before you find yourself in the ER because daddy don’t play that. He likes to laugh on occasion but takes most matters seriously.
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You got: Your dad is like John Witherspoon in “Friday”
Your pops is truly one of a kind. He has no shame is his faults or shortcomings and, while you love him dearly, he has embarrassed you in public on more than one occasion. He most likely picked you up from school as a child wearing socks with sandals, a fanny pack and his dingy white robe from seven Christmases ago. He’s also the king of TMI about how he used to get it in back in the day and not someone you want to use the bathroom directly after unless you’re wearing a gas mask.
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You got: Your dad is like Liam Neeson in “Taken
Your father plays absolutely no games. He kept your friends so shook that nobody ever came to your house to hangout. Remember those pictures of fathers posing next to their daughter’s prom dates with AK-47s and not a smile in sight that were floating around the Internet? Yep, that was your dad. He’s overly protective and his paranoia drove you crazy as a kid, but he always has your best interest at heart. Hopefully, you’re now old enough to realize it.
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You got: Your dad is like Adam Sandler in “Big Daddy”
Your old man has a tendency for being a hot a** mess. He's a rolling stone who has multiple children by multiple women, and continues to try sowing his oats with some new young jawn. He might not always pickup the phone when you call but you can usually find him somewhere near a liquor store. Despite his many shortcomings, this is the man who taught you everything you need to know about life from a realistic, although sometimes harsh, perspective and isn’t afraid to let you make your own mistakes, which he knows a thing or eighteen about.
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You got: Your dad is like Laurence Fishburne in “Boyz N The Hood”
Your dad is a swag god with the street smarts of Nino Brown and the book smarts of Bill Gates. As a kid you could never get anything past him because he already knew all the tricks in the book. He’s strict but did more than enough to earn your respect. The coolest cat on your block, all the dudes on the block give him his props and the chicks both young and old blush every time he comes around. Ewww!
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