Welcome To AmeriKKKa: White Texas Official Refuses To Resign After Saying “Get Those Blacks Off The School Board”

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Should she be fired?

Texas Official Refuses To Resign After Saying Racist Comments

La Marque City, Texas -During a city council meeting Connie Trube, two term La Marque City Council Member made racist comments in a private conversation that were recorded. In the recording you can hear Trube say,

Via Addicting Info reports:

“It’s not going to get any better until you get those blacks off the school board. She really turned black. She got on the school board with the rest of the blacks and they all just ganged up and that’s why the school system has gone to hell.”

The recordings went public leading to an investigation and public outcry demanding Trube resign. Despite the push for her resignation from the public. The investigation is expected to be over by June 30th, at the time the findings of the investigation will be turned over to the Department of Justice. She has been officially censured from the council. Trube has remained unapologetic throughout the scandal. At a city council meeting she said, “What is on the tape is nothing more than me stating my honest opinion, and I don’t back down from that. I never denied what was on the tape.” She has made no indication that she will resign over the matter.

Local Houston 2 asked local residents how they felt about the racist comments made by Trube.

“It’s our obligation as citizens to speak out against racism and not allow that to take over our community,” said Valerie Beverly.

Council candidate Christopher Lane said,”It really casts a negative shadow on the city. We can’t move forward with those dark clouds hovering over the city.”

“Racism will not be tolerated on any level in the city of La Marque,” said Mayor Bobby Hocking.

You can watch a video of the council meeting here. You can listen to the recording of the racist comments made by Trube by clicking this link.

Should the woman be fired or resign?

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