Mr. T. Doesn’t Love Them Hoes

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mr. T. is letting it be know that he doesn’t give a damn hell about what Hugh Heffner and his tender playboy slut-bunnies have to offer:

THE A-TEAM star MR T is proud of his decision to reject the Hollywood party scene – insisting he has turned down more than 25 invites to HUGH HEFNER’s famous Playboy mansion. The 56-year-old actor, real name Lawrence Tureaud, argues he has always preferred to shun the spotlight.

And Tureaud, who played burly B.A. Baracus in the popular 1980s U.S. TV show, insists adult media mogul Hefner has nothing to offer him. He tells British tabloid the Daily Sport, “I’m not caught up in all that Hollywood stuff. I work in Hollywood, but I’m not a part of Hollywood. “You know Hugh Hefner, the Playboy guy? He has invited me to the Playboy mansion over 25 times – I never showed up. “There’s nothing Hugh Hefner can do for me. If I went to the Playboy mansion, it would be a plus for Hugh Hefner, but a minus for me.

“I pity the washed up fool who doesn’t wanna go the Playboy Mansion and get some guaranteed cut up.”

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  • lt


  • lt

    FIRST* my bad

  • checkoutmymelody

    Yeah Mr. T. Tell them hoes to sit down!

  • Bloodshot 3rd Eye

    Get at em Mr. T! I pity the fool! Man I still want a black GMC van just because of Mr. T.

  • Re

    You tell ’em! Bye the way, is he french? His last name…

  • Spewin truth

    Thats you men’s problem. Yall chase after the easy tail and then when she leaves you, cheats on you or gives you the HERP, you wanna bring that trash and baggage back to us good women.

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition ™

    Good for you Mr. T, i know you dont love them hoes and i dont either!


    Yes his name is french maybe he has haitian ancestry?

  • josh

    Its cos he respects his mother.
    Hes actually a really good dude.

  • Lickety Split

    Kick that knowledge, T. Won’t catch Mr. T letting that ancient pimp make money off him.

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition ™

    lol! AT LICKETY SPLIT!!!

  • Powerball Jackpot winner

    LMAO @ Mr T thinking Hugh invited him to the party because he’s an A list star. Im sure it was just a friendly gesture on Hefner’s part. Nothin more, Nothin less. He prolly figured Mr T needed some p!ssy in his life since he always walkin around with a screw face.

  • Jay

    damn meant ‘long-time’ has-been ass

  • christopher

    Mr.T killed 2Pac
    Check the myspace


    Indeed T…I’m sure Hef suffered some sleepless nights because you did’nt show up for a mansion party.

  • yessir

    “There’s nothing Hugh Hefner can do for me. If I went to the Playboy mansion, it would be a plus for Hugh Hefner, but a minus for me.”

    WOW you go brother!!!

  • Sawyer

    “Drink ya kids, dont do school, eat all your drugs and go to vegetables”!

  • Honit Sinti

    I love Mr. T’s birth name. Truly exotic.

  • wifey06

    brotha with morals and standards.. dag they are not making them anymore!!!!!!!!

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