Money Grubbing Monster-In-Law Momager Kris Jenner Is Super Salty Yeezus Turned Down $11 Milli To Sell KimYe Wedding Pictures!!!

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If it ain’t about the money… Kris ain’t really turning up!

Kris Jenner At Odds With Kanye West Again Over Decision Not To Sell Wedding Photos

Kris Jenner and Kanye West are at it again, this time she’s the ticked off one and it’s all because Ye is hurting her pockets with is refusal to sell out to the media.

According to Page Six reports:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turned down international offers totaling up to $11 million to publish photos of their wedding — but Kim’s money-hungry momager, Kris Jenner, was unhappy with their decision, insiders say.

An inside source says that offers to publish pics from the couple’s over-the-top Florence, Italy, nuptials soared past $10 million, accounting for all global territories. But the newlyweds, or rather Kanye, took a cue from Jay Z and Beyoncé and decided to keep control of the shots.

Kardashian klan mastermind Jenner, however, “very much wanted to sell the pictures,” a source says, pointing out that Jenner gets commission on her kids’ business interests. The source told Page Six, “Kris was none too happy.”

Jenner had previously negotiated lucrative magazine deals for Kim’s disastrous marriage to Kris Humphries and Khloé’s doomed union to Lamar Odom.

But West had other ideas. “Kanye is taking a page from Jay and Bey, who own their photos,” a source said.

The hip-hop couple, who skipped Kimye’s wedding, routinely release private pics via their own sites and social media feeds rather than sell them off. Beyoncé posted the first shots of daughter Blue Ivy on Tumblr before dangling more footage on her HBO documentary project “Life Is But a Dream” last year.

Another source close to Kim insisted that Jenner had nothing to do with her decision to turn down money for the wedding photos. “These are Kim’s wedding pictures,” the insider said. “Kim and Kanye were getting offers for money, and they decided with their teams not to take any.”

The couple has instead posted a stream of candid shots on their social media accounts.

A source told us the couple also wanted to differentiate this wedding from Kim’s ill-fated last trip down the aisle with Humphries, for which People paid a reported $1.5 million plus $300,000 for their engagement.

While a rep for Kim didn’t comment, the reality star was back to her game of staging bikini paparazzi pictures in Mexico to share in the sales.

He might have a point. This ain’t exactly Kim’s first time at the rodeo and they could stand to class it up a bit. Do you agree with Yeezy’s decision?

Apparently Kris wasn’t too mad though because she’s still been showering Yeezy with love. Hit the flip for her Father’s Day and birthday dedications — along with some good old fashioned attention sloring on behalf of her clients, AKA kids!

If you’ve been watching this season of KUWTK, you’ve seen Kim accuse Kris of being a bit of a groupie — always copying her steez and trying to be like her. Well this week she pretty much proved that to be true, pulling a bit of a monkey see, monkey do by doing her own version of Kim’s bikini layout photoshoot.

Bruce also got Father’s Day wishes, although we’re wondering if next year he’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day too. #justsayin

Scott also got Father’s Day wishes

Baby Nori got a birthday shoutout

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    And she’s been busy all weekend milking her youngest cash cows — Kendall and Kylie and their Much Music Awards hosting gig!

    Do you think Kris lets her manager gig get in the way of her motherhood?


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