King Who?! The 12 Worst Moments Of LeBron James’ Career

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2009 BET Awards - Show

The Worst Moments Of LeBron James’ Career

LeBron James has had a very celebrated and glorious career, and it’s just halfway through. However, Bron Bron has had some rough patches in his career.

Don’t believe us? Take a look.

lebron james in high school

Kicked Off High School Team – When he was a senior in high school, he was caught accepting free throwback jerseys and was deemed ineligible for his final few basketball games in high school.


The Hairline – He’s been getting slandered for his hair from the beginning of his career. Just go bald, man.

lebron james

No Dunk Contest? – LeBron promised that he’d be in the dunk contest…then he pooped out of it. Straight up lies.

lebron pregame celebration

Spurs Beatdown 1 – The first time LeBron made it to the Finals he got swept by the Spurs. Straight up beating.

"Rumors that Delonte West bedded Cavaliers teammate Lebron James' mom Gloria"

The Delonte West Scandal – Allegedly Delonte West got it on with LeBron’s mom and it ruined their season. You believe that?

Lebron and Delonte West

Quitter? – For his last season at Cleveland, Bron ended things off with speculation that he quit. Leaving the team high and dry as they got crushed by Boston.

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    LeBron Chops It Up With Jim Gray

    The Decision – He made a spectacle out of leaving the Cavs and going to the Heat. Yikes.


    No-Show For The Finals – For his first year, LeBron’s Heat made it to the Finals and he totally disappeared. What the hell happened?


    Lambo – LeBron’s mom is dating Da Real Lambo and he’s the biggest clown of all time.


    Sweet Nothings – Yeah, buddy blew in his ear. That’s a career low.

    lebron slander

    Cramp-gate – LeBron caught those cramps in Game 1 against the Spurs and caught every single piece of slander ever.

    Miami Heat Victory Parade And Rally

    The Spurs Beat Down Pt. 2 – LeBron just got manhandled in the Finals in Five games by the Spurs and it wasn’t even close.

    2007 ESPY Awards - Show

    Bonus The time Bron Bron wore this outfit while hosting the ESPY’s…


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