Triflin’ Tales of Drugs & Kidnap With Whitney and Bobby

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Back in the day, Bobby Brown had an addiction that had him in a bad way with some worse individuals. They allegedly snatched that nucca up and held him for ransom, which Whitney (for some reason) paid:

WHITNEY HOUSTON allegedly paid a $400,000 (£270,920) ransom to kidnappers who were threatening to kill her ex-husband BOBBY BROWN, according to a sensational new book.

Houston and Brown divorced in 2007 after nearly 15 years of marriage and their union was plagued with rumours of drug problems. In his autobiography, Preacher of the Streets, former gang member David Collins claims Brown was snatched over a $25,000 (£17,000) debt to a drug dealer, and held bound and gagged at gunpoint by members of a New York street gang known as the Preacher Crew.

Collins alleges the fearsome group decided to extort more money than was owed, and Brown was allowed to call Houston who delivered $400,000 (£270,920) in exchange for the safe return of her husband.

Collins writes, “They came to an agreement. She was personally going to bring $400,000 to get her man back. The next day, she did just that. She was wearing a wig.”

The alleged event took place in April 1993 – at the peak of Houston’s fame.

The kidnapping was never reported to the police, and representatives for both Houston and Brown have refused to discuss the claims.

For some reason, the phrase “crack is wack” doesn’t seem to encompass all that needs to be said. SMH

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  • me (the original)


  • crock of sh^t

    I know she regrets paying a penny for him.

  • missunderstood

    2nd! They both still ‘crack-ish’ actin…

  • Sho-Nuff the Shogun of Harlem (The Meanest, Prettiest, Baddest Mofolo Down Around This Town)

    hollyhood’s best couple, keepin it hood in hollywood

  • me (the original)

    As much as I hate Bobby Brown, I’m glad Whitney came through for him. No one deserves to die like that.

    That said…I can’t believe Bobby Brown had the audacity to say Whitney married him just to clean up her image…when stuff like this was happening to him. Suuuuuuuure, Bobby.

    I’m glad Whitney’s washed that sh*tstain off. I hope her own drug abuse hasn’t damaged her voice too much and she can make a come back some day.

  • me (the original)

    I love Whitney but doesn’t she look like Mr. Magoo in this pic?

  • Tooty

    He should be thankful she came to his rescue.

  • iluvprada


  • me (the original)

    LOL Colonel Stinkmeaner

    You ain’t right! LOL

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • psa

    whitney was stupid….she probably didn’t want the public to find out about his addiction by calling the police

    she should have left his arse rt. there

    bobby blew through his own $$$ and then wasted hers…that is a smh

    he kept her on the horse so she wouldn’t protest to what was going down….triflin arse

    he really cared about her….smh

  • me (the original)

    So what. He’s so beneath her, he should have plucked it out with his teeth and let her use his tongue as toilet paper after. F*ck Bobby Brown.

  • psa

    rihanna isn’t losing money with chris brown

  • psa

    and chris isn’t abusing her

  • psa

    even bobby’s ne boys said he was triflin, selfish, and self-absorbed….fights on tour, etc.

    trust….if four/five dudes can’t handle dude i don’t know why whitney thought she could…he’s misunderstood yeah rt…..still making more babies, looking like the posterchild for crack, still waiting for the mothership to save him…smh

  • De'Vincent


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    How do you recover? Go back to what once worked!!! Have you forgotten Him?
    Talk to Him tonight and tell Him you want it back…He’s waiting for you.

    Think about it!

  • Lady J

    this is a BS story…bobby concocted this story with the gang members and took a cut for himself…whitney was too stupid and fell for it. I would have called the police with the extortion scheme & bobby would have just figured out how to get away or just been killed… I know whitney now regrets giving up the 400,000 G’s for that fool…

  • Re (Gambit in 25 Days!)

    Uhm…they have that Ramadan, Eid Mubarak gear on lock (in this picture)…

  • chaka1

    I bet something in this story is true. Lawd jesis…

  • jb_1030 (is stepping up her purse game until she cleans out her closet of old shoes)

    When I see these two all I can think of is Orangatang (sp) toes Bobby Christina

  • http://comcast Homosexuality

    Lil’ Wayne is the best homosexual M.C.

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    She could not have spent more than three dollars and prolly threw in a indian head coin, used tooth brush, a chicken bone she just chewed on AND to tell you the truth she spent tOOO much ! She should have told them she was only going to give them the chicken bone for Bobby !

    Hey black people love their chicken bones and that`s a lot to give up !

  • SoulJourneys622


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    the KANG!




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