Shook Ones? Did Wayne Skip HAW For Fear Of Catching Jas Prince Fade?

BOSSIP Exclusive: Did Wayne Skip Out On Drake’s HAW Festivities For Fear Of Catching Fade From Jas Prince?

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And is Christina Milian in the middle of it all?

Rumors Report Lil Wayne Was Afraid To Appear At Houston Appreciation Weekend Due To Jas Prince’s Threats

Drake’s long-teased Houston Appreciation Weekend just wound down in H-Town…but there were buzzes all over the city about the noticeable absence of Lil Wayne.

As Drake has recounted many a time, the Toronto rapper got his big break when Wayne flew him to Houston after hearing his music via Jas Prince. He was even slated to accompany Drake To Houston Night spot The Gatsby on official flyers…however he was nowhere to be seen.

What does this have to do with Christina Milian? Well, rumors have it that the eternal opportunist former songstress has been getting breezy with Weezy as of late…and possibly even left Jas Prince for the “Best Rapper Alive.” Miss Milian hasn’t been seen flicking it up on the Rap-A-Lot Ranch with (former?) fiancee Jas Prince recently…and her rock has been noticeably absent from her Instagram snaps for several weeks.

Matters weren’t made any better when Wayne released his latest track, “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up,” apparently calling out Christina Milian and Jas Prince directly by name in extremely thinly veiled references. Take a listen:

In the most direct lyrics, he says:

I’m tired of n*ggas getting sh*t they don’t deserve — that don’t belong to them
Blood, I’m a thief…I take your soul, I take your heart, I take your life, I take your Tina.

Tina Tina Tina Tina

Tina Turn Up Need A Tune Up…I could fix it/
She need a king…f*ck them princes/

You’re a queen…not a princess/
You’re a queen…Let’s have a princess.

Those sound like some pretty direct shots at ChrisTINA and Jas PRINCE. Did Wayne start giving Tina that Tune up she needed and slip that rock of Milian’s finger?

Sidenote: If this is all true…we wonder what Nivea (babymama/ex-girlfriend to both Christina’s ex-husband The-Dream AND Lil Wayne) has to say about “Tina Turn-Up” coming to collect all her leftover man-scraps once she leaves the table? Hmm…

Hit the flip for how this track may be keeping Wayne out of Houston for a while…

Apparently Jas was none too pleased with the track, and made it clear that Wayne was not welcome in his city…no matter who was hosting a party/event weekend. Rumors in Houston this past Saturday/Sunday said that Jas placed a “bounty” on Wayne’s head…offering $20k to any of his camp to seek him out and deliver the fade if he was spotted anywhere in the city.

Wayne was noticeably absent from the weekend’s festivities…and his recently announced US tour with Drake skips a stop in Houston. Quite strange considering Drake’s highly documented love of the city…

Was Wayne so afraid of catching a paid-fade from Jas Prince’s H-Town goons that he just decided to stay home and catch up on Game of Thrones instead?


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