A Z-List Christmas

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Nick Cannon held a “Young Hollywood” Christmas Party and Toy Drive the other night in LA. No comment on Nick’s underarms or the “Young Hollywood” theme, but it’s nice to see them collecting toys for those less fortunate.

Even More Z-Listers right about now…

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  • Strong Black Man

    thats nice of him but he look like he’s on that “stuff”….

    Christina ain’t that fine dawg, you rich, get over it.

  • Bones Jordan

    Yeah he do dog. She probably had the guy’s heart you know? Who cares anyway.

    Cocaine, got damn you!!!!

  • Bahama Mama

    oh my…the list of guest is like the who’s who of nobody’s…Excepy for Brian White…I like him…lol

  • uptowngirl

    Nick look like he smokin’ that ooooowwwweeee.

  • persona

    How many years has he been the “next big thing”? The Memphis Bleek of acting. I’m over it. You’re not young anymore, actually…

  • persona

    Why do they have Tony Rock carrying two 6.99 dolls? I hope he brought other things.

  • uptowngirl

    Brian White – how you doin? Awright!!!!

  • Strong Black Man

    @persona “the memphis bleek of acting” omg wow…that was cold blooded

  • A True Gem

    Okay why is Vida dressed like a hooker in Dec. and around the babies, damn she couldn’t put on a coat. SMH!

    Boo boo your 15 min. are up it is all about fake booty I got my teeth fixed Angel Lola Lov now.

    @ Persona

    Why do they have Tony Rock carrying two 6.99 dolls? I hope he brought other things.



    Just being so damn cheep, I bet if he was at the scripp club he would make it rain hard…SMH at some people in Hollywierd.

  • OneStep

    Nick Cannon = No talent

  • K.ola

    Damn vida look g60d…

  • Traycee - Happy Holidys!!!

    Why Chris Rock posing w/ them dolls like that?! I know DIRK wouldn’t do that! LOL

    Nick looks a hot ass flaming mess!

  • The One

    Z Listers need love too, but seriously I have never seen some of these folks in my life.

  • playlist

    i agree OneStep…Nick Cannon has no talent and is probably the corniest man in Hollywood

  • me

    well, this is a very nice thing to do. it’s cool to see that he feels some responsibility to those less fortunate. quite admirable. on another note, between his funky armpit hair and that pubic like beard thing he has sprouting on his face, he is looking almost jim jones status in the i-need-a-bath-real-bad department. not a good look nick

  • http://www.myspace.com/jeanineishot JeanineJeanine

    Where has Tamala Jones been hiding. One of my favorite actresses.



  • Moreaces

    My lips are sealed.


    Its calle crack and its great. First you take some cocaine mix it with baking soda and I think I tasted egg and cinnimon.

  • Ibn

    Wow he looks like a whole crackhead in this pic…take it down ASAP…


  • Bahama Mama


    You’s an ass….

  • http://www.myspace.com/misstbeasley Miss Beasley

    He looks quite crackish


    Merry Christmas to you too Bahama Mama LOL

  • Anonymous3

    you aint never lied…I don’t even think these losers should be considered z listers….let me stop…Nick Cannon has got to be the goofiest, so and so I ever saw


    I am a boy. You are not in prison anymore Damon!!

  • ThatFiyah!

    Vida Vida won’t u ride my sleigh tonight. I don’t think it was Cristina I think it was that other jumpoff who is like everybody’s jumpoff now-a-days. I can see a book coming from that girl in the near future LOL

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