Another Day, Another DUI

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This time, power forward Zach Randolph got popped:

It’s only getting worse for the Los Angeles Clippers… one of their alleged “stars” was busted for DUI early this morning.

Hours after the Clip Squad went down to the Lakers last night, Clipper power forward Zach Randolph was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers on the 405 Freeway when they spotted Randolph’s white Rolls Royce weaving in and out of his lane at around 2:25 AM.

Cops say when they approached the car, they “noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from within the vehicle” and proceeded to perform some field tests on the 6’9,” 255 pound 27-year-old. Randolph failed those and was arrested for DUI.

Randolph, who already has a previous DUI bust under his belt, is currently behind bars — being held without bail.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. A repeat offender. This big ole doofus acts as if he can’t afford to take a cab, limo, car service, or some sh*t when he decides to get tore the freak up. Trifling.


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  • Lisa Vee


  • o'day

    cant understand for the life of me why people drink & drive


    does anyone know what time chris goes to court????

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  • Sawyer

    Ah, what do you expect. The nucca plays for the Clippers…the whole team is probably has to get doped up just to keep from crying cause they play for LA’s other team!

  • me (the original)

    LMAO Glok..while this dude might not be the best looking person on the planet, he doesn’t have that half human-half ape look. That swag belongs to one beast and one beast alone…Gucci Mane.

    I would be pissed as hell at a white person saying a black person looks like a gorilla..but if it were Gucci Mane they were talking about, I’d just have to be like “Yeah..I hear you.”

  • GuerrillaLegal2

    Well I know that this is not a real Black site. But then again Akatas are some of the most self-hating Black people on the planet(Besides Brazilians and Dominicans) Have African-Americans become so brainwashed by colonial colorism that they no longer recognize the natural asthetics of Blackness that they call a young man with dark skin, big lips(which most of us have), and a 6’9″ frame a GORILLA? Sad is an understatement.

  • yttt

    he is cute i want to know the club he went to at least he did’nt kill somebody be thankful for jail /cops ask the football player

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