Rihanna Denies Being Knifed-Up

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Although her rack has been on swole for the last few months, Rihanna is denying being knifed-up:

“I’m terrified of going under the knife. Because of the pain, the complications – not to mention the fact that it’s utterly unauthentic. “If my t*ts aren’t feeling big one day, too bad. I’ll get a good bra.

“I like my body and I work out as hard as I can to make it as perfect as possible. But at the end of the day there’s always people who criticize your weight, your hairstyle and what you’re wearing. I just get on with it.”

Is her rack suspect?

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  • Bones Jordan

    Look at them titties!!!!!



  • http://www.myspace.com/misstbeasley Miss Beasley

    Ain’t no damn bra making you three sizes bigger…sorry!

  • Bones Jordan

    @ KCMochagirl, sorry lady. Scroll up doll.

  • http://iheartmysugardaddy.blogspot.com Kiki

    We have to remember she’s young and still growing. My bra size changed between 18 and 21.

  • txshawty

    Bones if you don’t be quiet lol!

    Well the bright side? You’re on subject! lol

  • Bones Jordan

    @ MsBeasley, were her boobs three cup sizes smaller b4? Not that I care, cuz like I’ve said b4………….look at those knockas, got dammmmmmn!!!

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com GOTSTRONG

    Top 10.

    She lyin’ !


  • txshawty

    KiKi…really!? So I still have hope! lol

  • txshawty

    SNICKERSSSSS!!!! I could use one rat about nah! lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/misstbeasley Miss Beasley

    KiKi you do make a good point but it seemed to happen a lil too fast for me…but I could be wrong

    Bones lol I don’t know her cup size I was just sayin that there was a nice jump in size…you silly

  • FiyahCrotch

    She has fake breasts and I would respect her more if she just fessed up to it.

    Rhiannon the lies are a bit much, first you start by saying you “cut” your hair to get the bob and now “not knifed up”.

  • http://www.myspace.com/misstbeasley Miss Beasley

    What up Snickers!

  • Bahama Mama

    Um…i don’t really care…NOW if she comes out with a regular size forehead…HOLLA @ me.


    Maybe she should go on Tyra’s show so that she can feel her up for the cameras.

  • SW10

    guys haven’t u ever heard of a push up bra duh i dont think she went under the knife.

  • txshawty


  • http://www.myspace.com/misstbeasley Miss Beasley

    LMAO at Bahama Mama…you always killin me

  • MzTee

    Who knows??? Most of these celebrities are airbrushed within inches of their lives. And celebrity stylists work wonders. She could have tape lifting those bad boys up and fillers in her bra. I’ll give old girl the benefit of the doubt until I see some secret footage of her on Dr. 90210 or something.

  • The One

    They are probably fake, but who cares. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ B Mama, you’re in rare form today my dear.

    @ KC, I saw some photos on MTO a coupla weeks ago of Tyra without her bra on back in the day(the pic looked fake as hell and where would she be @ fully clothed showing her tits off anyway, what runway was she on..) and it looked like SHE DONE GOT SOME WORK DONE fo sho on them big old puppies she rockin. Check it out and get @ me.

  • Betty Boop

    You can look and see they are unatural, I have nice breasts and they do not look like they contain any type of helium… two months ago she was flat, growing dont happen overnight…. Women know this, injection??? maybe, silicone??? most likely, played with??? larger but not on steriods…. and you all know she is getting hit off by JAY>>>>>>hmmmmmmmmm

  • TopThat!

    She right. Plus you can make ya boobs smaller or bigger depending on what your wearing and what bra you have on.

    As far as ass looking different well I guess it could depend on the jeans or the dress. But if its huge it’ll look big in just about everthing.

    If its flat it’s flat

  • Bahama Mama

    TX.. what up Shawty…lol

    LOL @ Miss Beasley…sore-ree…lol

    TRAY! Heifer…and u know why…lol

    Spank Ya Bones…tee hee

  • FiyahCrotch

    My breasts grew from 18-20 then 20-25 to the marvelous DD’s I have today…BUT it did not happen over night and it happens along with gaining weight all over.

    Rhiannon went from an A cup on Friday am and a Full C on Sunday…go back and check all her photos and the evidence is clear. She was walking with the cane all bundled up and then Wham Cane gone, tanktops on and new tittays as the guys are pointing out!

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