***Breaking News***Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty to Bloody Rihanna Assault

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That shady Chris Brown pleaded not guilty today in LA

The case of the People versus Chris Brown continues. The musician pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom Monday to two felony counts – assault and making criminal threats – in the alleged Feb. 8 beating of his girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown, looking solemn, wearing a black sweater, black tie and matching pants, entered the courtroom at 3:30 p.m. followed by his mother, who looked distressed but cracked a smile at a friend in the courtroom.

Asked by Judge Patricia Schnegg for his plea for both charges, Brown answered “not guilty” to each one in a barely audible voice. The judge set the next hearing for April 29.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told the judge that “more discovery was needed” in the case, meaning that he is awaiting review of more evidence. Rihanna was not present at the hearing.

Brown allegedly punched, choked, and threatened to kill Rihanna in a fight just hours before their scheduled performance at the Grammys, according to a search warrant affidavit. If convicted, Brown, 19, faces probation to a maximum four years and eight months in state prison, prosecutors say. As for Rihanna, her attorney Donald Etra told PEOPLE outside the courtroom, “Nothing’s changed with regard to Rihanna’s stance toward this case … She will testify if subpoenaed and will do everything that’s required of her to do.” Currently the singer, is “doing fine,” says Etra. “She’s in Barbados now with her family.”

Legal experts contend the case will likely end with Brown accepting a plea deal on lesser charges, with anywhere from a jail sentence of 30 to 180 days and three to five years of probation.

“A plea deal would be the quickest and least messy way to end this case,” says L.A. criminal defense attorney Jeffery Rubenstein, who’s not involved with the case. “It would also let Rihanna off the hook from testifying in court.” Asked about efforts between prosecutors and Geragos to come to a plea deal, Rihanna’s lawyer said Monday, “I believe there are efforts by all parties involved to resolve this case expeditiously. That would be beneficial to everyone. Rihanna would be pleased if this case were resolved quickly and fairly.”

If he was man enough to beat a small female down to the white meat, we say he is man enough to respond to “Bubba G” in cell block 9. He doesn’t belong in any “celebrity prison”.


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  • gapngucci

    he guilty as hell

  • http://bossip mybaad

    thank that lambo dashboard for that pic

  • http://bossip michelle


  • http://bossip michelle

    guess not, aint that what your supposed to do

  • BlkKng&Queen

    well, well, well! Everyone knows he is not going to do any “real” time! Moving on…..

  • HoNeY.....

    sure right!!

  • SMH

    Beat down to the white meat. You guys must have never seen a real beat down b4. Yall need to come to my hood, and I will show you niccas a real beatdown. That sh!t was nuthin compared to what a real victim of domestic abuse goes through. You guys are so fukin pathetic.

  • mll

    throw that thang in jail!

  • diamondcenter

    Wooow… I dont praise BLACK on BLACK abuse,,,,,,If he is guilty then he should be punished by law but if he is feeling not guilty and there is a part to the story we don’t know then he should get his chance to speak…………….The action from both in this incident reflects to be very careless and pointless

  • tyronna

    rihanna looks pretty there…lol

  • sacsnlouie

    my girlfriend was first so that makes me first. first.

  • green

    wow im actually second yay!!!!

    i bet as i write this im really 20th person to comment or something like that

    but why should he plead guilty, its not like he was 100% at fault and maybe rihanna should be prosecuted up there with him. I’m not trying to justify what he did it was wrong on all accounts but seeing as the victim has forgiven him, he should do whatever he can to get the best deal without tarnishing his record too much.

  • tyronna

    who is this fool called green???!!! retard! u think u r first

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    I can’t wait until he tells his side of the story (*the truth)…

    Trial is scheduled for April 29th…

  • http://booisp.com Killa Cam

    She should go on trial too. He was just fighting back. Where are the pics of him after the altercation?

  • youbody

    yawn… who cares anymore! alot of people have lost interest in this story.. on TMZ they got likke 50 comments on this… it boaring.. i will support both chris and riri tho am a ri ri fan but i will try to support chirs 2!

  • Daisy

    God Bless you Chris and Rhianna!

    Joy comes in the morning

  • jb_1030

    LMAO at Tru Diva

  • youbody

    actually they wont tell a story in court guys. they will set a ple deal then instead!

  • green

    no tyronna if you read my comment CARFULLY you WOULD have seen I thought I was SECOND but i also ADDED that i would in reality be 20th or something like that

    maybe YOU are the retard

  • http://www.bossip.com Toucheaway

    His pleading not guilty is by rote, that means he is supposed to enter a plea and he chose not guilty. This plea tells the prosecution that the onus is on them to prove his guilt. It doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, he’s telling the court to make their case and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he beat that girl up in that car,then threatened her. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • tyronna

    y r u just green? aint u meant to be all the colours of the PRIDE flag???



  • the truth will come out. kill the media





  • Chrianna

    I am still on the fence about if they are back together or not. I do feel they are still in contact and in the end will remain friends since they were friends 1st. So sad and heartbreaking for the both of them.

    Guess Rhirhi can come back to the states sooner than later now.

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