Trial Date Set For the Pied Piper

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Posted by Bossip Staff

And so it begins. R. Kelly’s trial will commence May 9, 2008. Ticketholders will have the pleasure of him completing the tour:

Judge Vincent Gaughan reportedly considered forcing Kelly to call off his U.S. tour but didn’t follow through with the punishment. Gaughan said he decided on leniency because of the “unintended consequences” of canceling such an event, including disappointing fans and a loss of income for venue workers, according to the Tribune.

Let’s take a bet to see if there will be anymore delays.


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  • Reformed GammaRay

    Platinum Flavor…

  • Reformed GammaRay


  • Kristyn

    Its about time!!!

  • Bones Jordan

    He won’t go to trial and the judge knows it. That’s why they gave him this asinine trial date to start on.

  • cake lady

    bout time

  • Crap Talker...

    It’s about Mickey Fickey time…

  • eyez

    being waiting 4 dis day.

    i know wat he did was wrong n all,i think there should also be a law 4 under aged girls caught in d act.maybe spend some time in juvenile jail. maybe it will but a hold on dem.

  • Momo

    They are gonna let aRRRa beat this case…it has taken far too long for this trial.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Ain’t she gonna happened in May except another court date and then a dismissal so where along the way.

    He is not going to jail on this one…


    That fool needs to be castrated

  • And Another One...

    Kelzzz will beat it because. 1. He is Kelz the king of R&B 2. He is rich 3. White folk like him 4. He’s not a rapper 5. He made 12 play,, the chocolate factory etc. 6. Many babies have been made to his music so locking him up may affect the population. It is so wrong for him to get away with what he did but they left it too long and in that time Kellz kept it pimpin in the studio. He does put the RRR in R&B – (no Pedo)

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Well I saw 2 tapes and they both looked just like him to me. Maybe it was hard for a YT judge/attorney to decide since so much time has passes and his body weight and hair has changed some. Maybe R. had been given all this time and delay (like probation) to see if he would do it again or if he would refrain from any bizarre sexual activity.

    He’d better keep his nose clean and his penis away from minors or they’re put his ass under the jail.

  • Miss Hattie

    The whole thing is absurd.

  • NubianGoddez

    I hope those damn voodoo priest that pervert got working for him to keep delaying the trial all get struck down by lightening.

  • leave it be

    lmao nubiangoddez!!!! you know he got them in a little room in the back…

  • Bella

    The heading should have read …Trial Date Set For Pee’d Piper. LOL!!

  • hello

    he is awful in pink.maybe he will be ok in black.He seems to have a personal account at a millionaire&celebrity dating club””with his pictures and blog. He is so popular there. I hope I were him, thus I can date those hot girls there…LOL

  • MS.2901

    You no this s**t is so old most people just don’t care any more. So the system need to say F-it better luck next time. R. Kelly will go FREE!!!!!

  • Rick Da Ruler

    That damn judge said Kells better get yo ass out the closet..the closet…and come in my courtroom & tell me all about you & yo pissing on the Cheetah Gurlz face or sum kinda ish like that…

  • John

    That face going to be uglier than that when they throw his azz in jail!!

  • astrid

    He’s not going to jail unless he pees on a young little white girl.

  • pimp daddy


  • Me! That's Who!

    R. Kelly was in Detroit last night in concert. I heard he had a nice show.

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