Where Is The Bambi??? Shay Johnson Hints At Still Letting Lil Scrappy Smash Her LHHATL Cakes To Smithereens, ‘He’s My Kryptonite’

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SMH…this could get ugly

Shay Johnson Hints At Still Hooking Up With Lil Scrappy

Shay “Buckey” Johnson just can’t let Lil Scrappy go even though he’s currently coupled up with “The Bambi.”

The reality star who was caught on camera beating the isht outta some girl with a bottle, recently hinted to VH1 that she’s STILL letting Scrappy smash her cakes to smithereens despite his current relationship status.

On this season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and being a “bad, bad girl” with Scrappy:

I watched a few episodes but I laugh because clearly Mona is not showing everything. I don’t hate her that I’m not on so far this season because they are still taping and there’s still time. And Scrappy? He’s still around. He’s always gonna be around. I’m not gonna tell you what we’ve been doing but I’ve been a bad, bad girl and that has not been shown on TV.

On him being her “Kryptonite”:

[Scrappy] has a good heart. I could talk to him for hours. We like to do a lot of the same things. We are just two fun big kids. No matter how distant we get we somehow get back together. I’ll say every negative thing in the world about him to myself, but when I see him…it’s like melting butter. Like, nothing ever happened. I get this smile on my face. He knows he does that to me. We call each other Kryptonite. He’s my Kryptonite. I’m his Kryptonite. I know I’m supposed to stay away, but I can’t. It is what it is.

On forgiving him and his “stupid” marriage proposal to Erica Dixon:

[Scrappy’s] done lots of things wrong to me publicly. He lied to me on national television – played me – but at the end of the day, what you didn’t see, he came and apologized and we were together and we opened up to each other and he broke everything down and he was very apologetic. I can’t hold grudges. It won’t get me anywhere, so I move forward from that incident to where we are now. And of course [he and Erica Dixon] still didn’t get married. They still didn’t get married like I said. That was stupid.

On him being a better kisser than Flava Flav:

[Laughs] I would have to say Scrappy. Scrappy has kissed me everywhere. Flava has not.


Erica Dixon, Erica Pinkett, Bambi AND Shay??? What IS IT about this guy?????


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