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Here it is, a groove slightly transformed. Just a bit of a break from the norm.

The Story Behind Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince’s Classic “Summertime”

Very often you hear a timeless hit song and move to the next; never considering what takes place behind the scenes in making that song. We rarely know about, or consider the hours spent in the studio; the risks taken to create the song; the person who lost their job; the deejay who flipped a song over to discover a rare gem, or how an idea recorded today will give birth to a hit twenty years from now.

As the face of Hip Hop changes we sample the story of Kool & the Gang and their 1974 b-side, “Summer Madness”, and how a trip to Chicago led Will Smith to record “Summertime”, one of the most popular Hip Hop records of all time. The record solidified Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s place in musical history and preceded Will Smith’s ascension to Hollywood’s twenty-million dollar man.



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