Jay-Z Steps Down

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

It’s over. Jay-Z will step down as the president of Def Jam when his contract expires this year. Where does this leave the Stans? We can imagine the facial expressions on LL and every other Def Jam artist who believed Camel was the root of their problems.


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  • Lilly Allen


    It’s about time now some real artists can get some shine!

    Merry Christmas

  • noirule


    Guess he’s on to BIGGA and better things…SWEET

  • Dalia

    I knew that was coming. Too much mess was going on and Jay-Z was the only one getting rich!


    oh oh, i smell trouble. now that he wont be so busy BDAY will have nothing but time to get his ass to hitch her up…lol

    it’s been a good run. go relax jay, relax.


  • Just a thought....

    I mean we knew this was coming.

    I mean it’s different if you were an successful artist and hen you naturally move up in the industry to an executive position. But it’s another thing when you get it just because you have been one of the more successful artists on the label.

    Alot of these “young” cats are getting way too much success and haven’t even earned it or don’t know anything about the industry. They want to own everything before they are 40 and think they can be in every industry. I mean some of these cats really think they are doing things, up there witht he big dogs.

  • leave it be


  • shesofine

    Oh well…. he’s still rolling in dough!!!

  • Karima

    Jigga Man you did good and who have to deal with other things now like you been doing they can’t knock the hustle.

    Jigga Man the game was/is yours Now you can gracefully boul out of Def Jam.

    Biggest fan soon to be wife ONE DAY.

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com GOTSTRONG
  • sister

    FYI…he’s going to Sony’s New Music Group with Rick Rubin…watch.

    he’s on top of his game now kids…he’s only moving ahead…

  • anonymous

    “I wonder what this means for rihanna.”

    please. rihanna just won YET ANOTHER award over has-been beyonce the other night, and with the grammys coming up, she’s on to bigger and better things.

  • sister

    also FYI…Def Jam R&B THRIVED under Jay-Z…hip-hop was down, but it was that way industry wide…

  • anonymous

    but if he’s the almighty jay-z like you dick-riders make him out to be, then def jam should have had the biggest sales ever in their entire history.

  • sister


    nobody’s a d*-rider, but not a hater either…man did and is doing his thing…you can’t not like him personally or as performer…but he’s kinda gettin it right now…seriously…he owns an NBA team, has a franchise bar about to drop in Vegas and might open a hotel in MANHATTAN, NY!!! that’s kinda major.

  • Strong Black Man

    lol he was the president of Def Jam??????

    “just a hype man for the white man”

  • Really

    Steps down or got fired? Let’s use the right terminology.

  • candycane32811

    On the rihanna comment so what she won another award…its about time she has but don’t forget this is her THIRD album and is she finally get recognition cause of being Jigga ho!!!

  • Really

    @ Sister… He owns like 1% of an NBA team, that hardly suffices that he owns.]]About his ownership of the 40/40… let the next employee scandal drop and he will be running to the judges saying he is “only an investor, not an owner.” Just like he did last time.

    I know Beyaki got a kick out of telling people that Jay-z was the CEO of Def Jam, not just a rapper. I hope she is still attracted to him some other way or gets her kicks some other way.


    We’ll see what happens… chance are that he and Rick Rubin will hook up. But… NE-YO, RHIANNA, ALL OF ROC-A-FELLA ARTIST…JADA KISS, BEANS, NAS… WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM????

  • chani

    Okay Jay is gone…so is Ll no longer Washed up? Please…half Of them complaining was flopping Before Jay and will flop after him.hate on haters

  • andie

    wow. What’s next cause you know he’s not going back into retirement. I’m just glad he’s giving this record deal up while he’s “ahead”

  • a dub

    I do not care what anyone says. There a lot of people on Def Jam who no one would know if it weren’t for Jay-Z.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Some of ya’ll forgot, he got $204 Million Dollars in the bank…

    Let me repeat that for the ones that are slow and/or forgot that… $204 Million Dollars – not stocks, bonds or mutual funds, but CASH…

    If you had $204 Million Dollars (“CA$H” – just had to repeat it one more time, because some of ya’ll are REALLY slow) would you really care about much of anything else?

    Just keep that in mind when you are about to diss this man… Just think about what this man has done with his life and where he’s at and then think about where you’re at and your cash flow…

    Enough said…

    Haters continue on, if you must…

    Oh yeah, Merry Christmas :- )

  • persona

    Who do you even know on Def Jam other than Rihanna?


    Co- sign @Really… I like Jay but it is almost like a player/ coach in sports. You really can’t do both, People keep saying that LL flop and washed up, but he was doing good numbers. LL, METH, REDMAN… I mean alot of dudes were having issue with Jay. Even Memphis Bleek (who never came out with a album), Beans numbers down, Nas numbers down. You can’t put that all on Jay, but when your artist saying that they can’t get thier budgets approve because Jay is off working on his 2! ALBUMS and everyone else is getting selved or pushed back… Jay approved 15million in budget money with his two albums and Kanye’s… So, we will see if it was Jay or the artist themselves. BUT IF DAME GETS THAT SEAT…. NE-YO, RIHANNA AND EVERY OTHER R&B ACT BETTER RUN… INCLUDING MARIAH CAREY…

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