*Exclusive* Tyson’s Babymoms: “He’s Not Gay & He’s Not An @sshole”

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Meet April, Tyson’s babymom and a celebrity stylist on E!’s video vixen reality show, Candy Girls. Bossip recently sat down with April to discuss the notion that Tyson Beckford is an arrogant flamer, and to see just how beneficial Candy Girls will be for the Tatalalicious’ of the world:

Bossip: I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that Tyson is secretly gay?
April: Yes, and the rumors are hard on our son. Just because he’s a model or he’s into fashion, why would somebody say that? Or if he affiliates with high fashion people that everyone knows is gay, does that make your father gay? But, I’m torn, because I don’t want him to wake up thinking that there’s something wrong with that (homosexuality). But, his dad is not, I can vouch for that.

Bossip: How did you meet Tyson?
April: Funny enough, it was actually very early on back when he was just a Polo model . Back in 95’. He hadn’t been stamped with the supermodel title yet. I was working at a restaurant called Georgia, a famous soul food restaurant. Tyson was apart of a fashion show one year and he came into the restaurant and he asked the owner about me. He gave me his number. I accidentally threw the number away and went back looking for it in the trash can. The rest is history…

Bossip: What kind of father is he?
April: Well, we live on different coasts, so I got out of my way to make sure that the boys spend holidays together and the summers together. Jordan comes back home with a totally different swagger because he’s been hanging with the guys. It’s definitely hard in this industry with all of the traveling, so he’s not as hands on as we would like. But, the love is there and we communicate.

Bossip: A lot of people consider him to be this rude, arrogant, pompous asshole. Any truth to that?
April: At the end of the day, he has to go through a lot. Rumors of him being gay and things like that are constant. It’s hard for people in the industry when you constantly have to have a smile on your face. Or, be that person that’s always warm and like greeting what’s going on in this world. We all go through our personal struggles, and I would say that maybe he’s not as good at juggling all those things. I wouldn’t say he’s an asshole. On the flipside, there’s so many people that come in contact with him and say, he’s such a gentlemen. I think there’s a slight case of multiple personalities, because it’s hard. Sometimes you do get that bad rap. It comes along with the job.

People go through it all the time. I remember when I was working at the restaurant and people would come up to Denzel Washington while he was eating and it’s like, ‘Not now!’ People are so excited to see you and they want to be apart of your world. If you’re not openly inviting, then you get a bad rap.

Bossip: People’s ideas of Video vixens are that they’re tramps, ho’s, ect. Do you think the show will change people’s minds?
April: Yes, Candy Girls shows things like what’s expected from a model when she comes on set. Overall, it shows the different steps, like how important it is to network and how important it is to represent yourself as a female and as a member of a company. It shows you that they’re just not all out there trying to be down with the artists or all up under them. There’s a reason why people decide to do this. Maybe their self esteem is low. Maybe they want that recognition. Each character has their own story.

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