Angela Bassett Addresses Not Casting Bobbi Kristina In Whitney Houston Biopic – “She’s Not An Actress”

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Angela Bassett talks whether or not Bobby Brown is involved in the movie, what happened when she reached out to Whitney’s family and why Bobbi Kris doesn’t cut it to play her mother…

Angela Bassett Reveals Why She Didn’t Cast Bobbi Kristina In Whitney Biopic

A few weeks ago, troubled celebrity seed Bobbi Kristina lashed out at the recently confirmed Lifetime biopic being done on her mother, claiming that both she and Whitney both felt Bobbi should be the person to star in any film about her life. Needless to say, Bobbi’s proclamation was met with much backlash and now Angela Bassett, who is directing the biopic, is speaking out to set the record straight about everything from Bobby Brown’s involvement, Bobbi Kristina not being cast, whether or not she reached out to the Houston family and more.

Check out a few excerpts from her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly below:

Do you consider yourself having been close to Whitney after Exhale?
No, I don’t. I can’t. I can’t say that, but I think that I had an opportunity, of course, to appreciate and love her from afar and then to spend time with her in a working situation. She shined in a room but didn’t suck up the energy. Some people suck up all the air and it’s all about them. They mistake their presence for the event. But she didn’t do that.

She was there to work, to work hard, she was joyful, she laughed a lot, she played, she was easy to be around. You know, she was a delight.

As a director, what type of research are you doing to prepare for this type of movie? Are you going through her personal items, or speaking to her family for research?
No, not through her items. A lot of our research is from interviews, from interviews that she has given and we’ve crafted it within the framework of her meeting Bobby and taking that relationship about four or five years forward. And of course, I did read her mother’s book.

You’re making this movie for Lifetime. Do you think this movie will be received better on television than through theatrical release?
Well, it comes to you. It’ll come to your home, I think. The access. If you’re interested, it’s right there.

Mrs. Bassett then went on to reveal what it was like when she first met Bobby Brown, what she thinks of him, whether or not he’s involved in the film and much more. Peep page 2 to read what she had to say…

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