For Discussion: Are African-Americans Just As Guilty Of Racism As White People?

- By Bossip Staff

Equal opportunity?

Are Black And White People Equally Guilty Of Racism?

A columnist for The Daily Caller recently penned a brief article demoing “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg a racist for comments she made towards guess host Will Cain.

The two were apparently discussin political correctness when Whoopi responded “Spoken like a true white guy!” when Cain shared his point of view.

The columnist summed up his opinion Whoopi’s behavior with this response:

Goldberg then admits she doesn’t know Cain’s background. She doesn’t need to know his background or anything about him, because she can see the color of his skin. All people with white skin are alike, right?

Everybody has a right to be offended except for true white guys because the ancestors of a lot of true white guys did a lot of bad things. They’re not a Designated Victim Class and therefore, their opinion is meaningless.

Hmmm. Do you think black people too often get a pass to be racist against white people because of things that their ancestors did?

Let’s discuss, Bossip fam.

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