SMH: Black South Carolina Mayor Hops On Private Jet To Smash Florida Pole-Poppin’ Skrippers On State’s Dime

- By Bossip Staff

Come on brothas!

Black South Carolina Mayor Hops On Private Jet To Have Sex With Florida Dancers

Via South Carolina Island Packet reports:

Columbia mayor Steve Benjamin, Florida businessman Richard Zahn and businessman Jonathan Pinson took an overnight trip on a private jet to Florida, where they visited a strip club and wound up taking two young women from the club back to their hotel, a witness testified in a federal criminal trial Wednesday afternoon.

The witness, Dr. Charles Smith, a former S.C. State University administrator, said Pinson, Benjamin and former S.C. State University police chief Michael Bartley all flew to Orlando late one afternoon in December 2010.

Pinson, at that time chairman of the board of S.C. State University, is on trial in Columbia, facing numerous charges of extortion, bribery, using his public position for private gain and related alleged violations of federal law. Benjamin has not been charged with any crime, but prosecutors have brought up his name repeatedly in the three-day-old trial as one of Pinson’s close associates.

They were in Florida as guests of Orlando businessman Richard Zahn, who was discussing development projects in Orangeburg and Columbia with Pinson and Benjamin.

Any testimony about Smith’s Florida trip will presumably be backed up by Zahn and Bartley, who have pleaded guilty on various public corruption charges and have agreed to be prosecution witnesses against Pinson. They are expected to testify later in the trial.

Exactly what prosecutors are trying to accomplish by putting Benjamin’s name – the mayor has been repeatedly mentioned so far in the three-day trial – often before the jury isn’t known.

Really?! What’s a little power without the sex and corruption?

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