Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mary J Blige was spotted out shopping at Barney’s yesterday and Mimi was snapped with her dog in Aspen, Colorado, her main spot for Christmas.


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  • andrea

    i think mariah did…

  • andrea

    haha shut up trick!

    mjb’s outfit looks like something i would wear…i’m more of a simple outfit type of person, but i like how mariah brought out her outfit a little more.

  • leave it be

    mary i thought i sent you to the corner….p.s the jack russel is the hot one!!!! i love jrt’s….but, outfit wise…i gotta give it to mary…

  • Amani

    Mary, she kept it simple and to the point.

  • Strong Black Man

    Mary…and her hips are looking nice and thick

    as i lick my lips

  • Merry X-mas (N-Qui-Sa-Tive)


  • Mary J Blige

    I’d be more excited about all this but I just heard the new Soulja Boy track and I feel like I’ve missed out on some exciting new trend in music. I think I need to get a lobotomy and a sizzurp habit so I can get into the mindset that produced such classic lyrics as “Soopermn blar flargh det hoooo! Soupamung det blegh fum woo!”

    I’m behind the times, y’all.


  • Mary J Blige

    Oh, I’ve heard about identity theft. I know about all that ish and you better admit to stealing my picture before I have the Right Reverends Jesse and Al marching all up your ass like your name was Selma.

    Just admit your duplicity and apologize and I won’t have to backhand your impersonatin’ ass like you deserve, you played out trick.

  • d

    For the first time EVER, Mariah Carey wins.

  • david

    mary, of course. mariah is WHITE trash pretending to be half black/ghetto fabulous.

  • david

    or should i say trying to be?

  • d

    And oh my goodness, is Mary not wearing the pelts of endangered white tigers and a purse made of baby bald eagle feathers?

  • just ice

    whoriah needs to start dressing her age. mary looks stylish and comfortable, yet rich.

  • d

    “mary, of course. mariah is WHITE trash pretending to be half black/ghetto fabulous.”

    No. My sense is that she just has bad taste and compounded by her obvious arrested development, it makes for horrible outfits. She is biracial and black people who reject them are just as the white racists who do the same.

  • Mama's Rice and Beans

    Mary’s whole look is great, from hair down to her boots.

    Mariah’s hair looks dirty and oily, her face looks bloated and huge, she should wear sunglasses more often.

  • DM

    Mariah is my girl, but MJB wins this one.

  • California Pixie

    Mary J – She’s rocking it. Her outfit is simple, clean, stylish yet classy and age appropriate. Mariah’s has just put too much together… her outfit is overwhelming and comes off as something as if it’s for the 20-somethingish crowd…

  • California Pixie

    On top of all that…Mariah’s jacket appears a tad too small. It looks cold as hell and her girls are peeking out. Come on!

  • d has several non-black love interests

    Oh, I’m fairly sure Mariah’s bulimic because she’s got the “mia bloat” about her face. I know she’s not doing drugs. She doesn’t even look like someone who could hold her liquor let alone anything hard. It’s not an accusation or slam against her. It’s just an observation.

    I dislike both their music (both too damn whiny)

    and “style” by the way. Looking both of them from head to toe, I would want Mariah’s dog, jeans and boots.

  • Lili

    If Mariah’s jacket weren’t so snug she would win. Mary’s outfit is simple; it certainly works, but it’s simple.

  • Jaycee

    I see Mary is out spending our money. I love Growing Pains; I think it may be better than Breakthrough. Anyway, both look good, but I prefer Mimi’s boots.

  • d

    MJB, people with opinions that differ from your own are not haters. I’m quite sure there are celebrities you don’t care for. It’s a gossip blog and a free country.

    As for Mariah and bulimia, here’s your health lesson for the day: the glands in your cheek become very swollen if you throw up frequently. Even when she was thicker than she is now, her face was not that puffy.

    There was a video a bit ago with a drunk Mariah hitting talking with some young boys in Aspen or Vail.

    Good night y’all.

  • http://grown-and-sassie.blogspot.com/ Heather

    I love MC..been a fan from the beginning, but what is with the wonk eye? Leave the botox alone MC, leave it alone.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Mariah with The Golden Vagina will always trump her competition with the exception of Kim Kardashian. Mary J. Blige in my eyes, is a non-entity in the beauty dept. She just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Marie

    MiMi…all day! Mary is still so hood! Mariah look cute!

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