Use Wang Forever: Wu-Tang Affiliate “Christ Bearer” Wants To Do Freaky Flick To Prove His Peen Is Still Operational [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Ladies, would you let this enterprising young brotha smash?

Christ Bearer Wants To Do Adult Film To Prove His Sex Organ Works

According to TMZ reports:

Christ Bearer — the rapper who chopped off his own penis — says his man junk is still fully functional and he wants to prove it … by starring in a FREAKY FILM!!

A very fired up Bearer was out in front his barber shop in Long Beach yesterday — and told TMZ how his genitals recovered from the self-inflicted butchering back in April.

TMZ: Does it work?
Bearer: “Does it work?!? Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?”

The video is insane — Bearer explains WHY he took a knife to his dong (hint: drugs) … and makes his plea to Vivid to show off his member in an X-flick.

And get this … Chris Bearer may get his wish — we spoke to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch who tells us he’s definitely interested … but wants to check out the goods before he makes an offer.

Kids, say “no” to drugs. Unless you wanna end up like THIS ninja…

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