In White Folks News: ‘Man V.S. Food’ Star’s New Show Cancelled After Angry Instagram Rant, ‘Grab A Razor Blade And Draw A Bath’

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Was it worth it my guy???

“Man V.S. Food’s” Adam Richman Gets New Show Cancelled

Adam Richman of “Man V.S. Food” fame is in hot water after publicly blasting fans who took offense to his use of the #Thinspiration hash tag.

Richman recently went clean OFF on his critics and told one to “grab a razor blade and draw a bath” for accusing him of promoting anorexia when he was #actually just trying to show off his 70 pound weight loss.


The Washington Post reports:

About a week after Travel Channel’s star Adam Richman got into a nasty war of words on Instagram over a picture related to his recent weight loss, the network has pulled his upcoming series, “Man Finds Food,” from the schedule.

However, the decision came down right after Richman made some very unflattering headlines when an expletive-filled rant on Instagram went public. It all started earlier this month when Richman, very proud of his recent weight loss after years of heavy eating for his shows, posted a picture on Instagram showing off his new physique.

“Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little…” he wrote, using the hashtag #thinspiration.

Unbeknownst to Richman, that word is extremely sensitive. According to an XOJane essay by Amber Sarah detailing the Richman incident, “thinspiration is very popular in pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia circles, generally consisting of pictures of emaciated bodies.”

Amber writes that a friend of hers was upset when Richman used the phrase, and the friend tagged him in a comment that explained why.

Richman, via screengrabs from Amber on XOJane, apparently did not take too kindly to that criticism.

“Maybe you’ll acknowledge that just because someone is on TV, they are no less worthy of human kindness, respect, forgiveness or patience…Give me a [expletive] break,” Richman wrote in part.

“If anyone acts like a [four letter word] I’ll call them one. It’s not misogyny, it’s calling a spade a spade….if my use of the hashtag offended you, it was unintentional & for that I’m sorry.”

It got worse as others jumped in. Richman told one of his Instagram critics to “Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.”

He told another that the only thing that was [expletive] up was “your Dad’s choice to go without a condom.”

It wasn’t even all that serious…dude’s got issues.


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