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Just when you think Will is on top of the world, someone finds a way to bring him down. Following the box office success of “I Am Legend”, Will told a Scottish paper the following:

“Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.’ I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good.'”

The Jewish Defense League is pretty pissed off and asked that his film be boycotted. Do you think it was that serious?

P.S. What the hell is up with that peace sign?


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  • flam


  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Chalk it up to another foolish statement that celebs seem to make. Boycott no, just get over it.

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    S/B Chock, lol.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    It wasn’t that serious. People will always try to find ways to complain about something. He’s entitled to his opinion. I actually don’t think there was anything wrong with his statement.

  • Jess2much4u

    Actually an educated person would understand what he was trying to stay. It IS true that Hitler really thought what he was doing was good. Will isn’t saying that what he did was good….read people!!!!!

  • flam

    not making light of what’s going on but people like adolf hitler, saddam etc really don’t think that they are evil, they really think they got the greater good in mind. psychology class will teach you that, but i wouldnt say that in public cause people will just not understand

  • flam

    second that Jess

  • Strong Black Man

    @flam..your right but i think Tom and Katie are slippin something in his drink..

  • reallytired

    meant to say if you look at TMZ

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Jess2much4u

    I agree. People have “selective hearing.” This won’t go very far. Will has been in the business way too long for him to know what is and isn’t appropraite to say. And like I stated before, his statement was accurate.

  • MOboogs

    i guess u left out the part where he said “Hitler was smart and a good guy” for a reason, huh? How would YOU feel if i said the KKK is a intelligent organisation and did what they thought was best? Certain subjects just need to stay untouched!

    just sayin…

  • CharliStar

    I don’t think that what he said is wrong. It’s really not that serious to boycott his film. Like some of the others said who left a comment: Some other cultures and those with sick, twisted minds think some of their barbaric actions are good. I think his comment was fine. The Jewish organization needs to get over it. It wasn’t racist or insensitive. In a way Will was highlighting the fact that what Hitler did was not “good”.

  • Ibn

    That just goes to show you that there is still racism and hatred in the world. Will is getting too powerful white america cant take it.


  • AND...

    Damn. Well if this is true then they are acting like some of my folks, i.e. looking for a reason to get pissed off. Not to mention what he said is true. Hitler, twisted as he may have been, was a genious in how he got the whole thing to go down. He truly thought he was doing the right thing. I don’t see anything wrong with Will’s statement even with it being an exert and I can’t read what lead up to this and what was said afterwards.

  • Sammy J. Parker

    Some points are not worth making… they just aren’t and the better articulated, the more careless they seem. This is one such point.

  • PrettyMissSunshine


    Read his statement again. He didn’t say anything about Hitler being a smart, good guy. All that he said was that in HITLER’S MIND, he was doing a good thing, meaning that what HE thought he was doing to the Jews was cool. Will didn’t say that he agreed with hitler or his ways. There goes that ” selective hearing” I was talking about again.

  • AND...


    i guess u left out the part where he said “Hitler was smart and a good guy” for a reason, huh? How would YOU feel if i said the KKK is a intelligent organisation and did what they thought was best? Certain subjects just need to stay untouched!

    I understand what you are saying above but the KKK did think they were doing what was best and so did all those ppl who captured slaves in Africa. You must keep in mind that until the human genome was cracked white ppl honestly thought blacks were a sub-species. They even backed up what they thought with scripture. All I’m saying is that they just like Hitler, crazy as it may be, thought they were doing the right thing.

  • AND...



  • Jess2much4u


    Hitler WAS smart! how else could he have done what he did in such a short amount of time???? However SMART does NOT euqual a GOOD person. some of the most evil people in the world were and are very smart

  • Dolla Bill

    Man, the Jewish mafia are gonna destroy this cat. Will should’ve made his remarks off the record, that way he can easily deny the story.

  • ripped

    What he said was definitely wrong. He’s trying to backtrack. Boycott, no, he’s entitled to his opinion, but admit what you did was wrong. If someone said that slavery wasn’t intended to be something bad we’d be pissed off as hell. How is slaughtering jews intended to be good. Come on now people, he’s wrong.

  • Strong Black Man


    I don’t know why he would say something like that..I mean I get it, but he should know there would be a backlash..Just like we as black folks don’t want anyone outside our race saying something crazy about us..I’m sure the jews feel the same way.

    pray for this cat Will Smith, cause i have this strange feeling that Tom Cruise and all the other “dillusional white power couples”…are about to turn this man out

  • ripped

    Oh, I didn’t see what you wrote disgusted, but yeah, I agree.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    LMAO @ AND

    Apparently “We African-Americans” are also the worst at impersonating other to feel better about ourselves. GTFOH!

  • AND...

    Mary J Blige

    and before y’all even start: Hitler was deranged but he knew full well what he was doing. He felt a lot of resentment against the Jewish business community in Austria where he grew up. He started off as a no-hoper pretty much going nowhere so he resented the presence of these foreigners who seemed to be propering and closing off business oopportunities for the natives (the situation was the same when he moved to Germany). HITLER SAW HIS RISE TO POWER AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXTERMINATE A GROUP WHO HE PERSONALLY RESENTED. IE. HE WAS EVIL

    do your reading

    Do your reading sweetheart. Some of what you saying is true but not all. Hitler didn’t start off hating Jews. He used to be an artists painting pictures but didn’t go anywhere with it. Then he got arrested for trying to overthrow the goverment. While in jail he wrote “mein kelf” (sp) which means my struggle and when he got out went into politics. His ultimate goal in the beginning was against the goverment not the jews. That came way later.

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