When The Checks Stop Coming In: Waitress TwitPics Broke Azz Warren Sapp’s Receipt Where He Left No Tip On $70 Tab

- By Bossip Staff

We know times are hard, but cotdamn, fat boy

Yesterday was a national holiday of sorts. Soccer fans all around the country gathered in sports bars and restaurants to watch the U.S. men’s national team take on Belgium. One of those fans just happened to be broke, obese, and Hall Of Fame Footballer (American football, that is) Warren Sapp. Life hasn’t been particularly fruitful lately for Warren, but that didn’t stop him from filling his jowls with all types of fried and fatty goodness at his local watering hole in Florida.

After eating his fill, Sapp paid for his meal, and according to his waitress, left a note on his receipt indicating that he was an adolescent child. Thus, he was not obligated to leave any additional monies as a show of gratitude for the service he had received.

Rightfully, the waitress was upset and let distinguished sports reporter Darren Rovell know about her encounter with Sapp, Rovell took to Twitter to put #99 on blast.

The note written on the tab appears to read: “Boys don’t tip!”

Although Sapp’s Twitter mentions are probably filled with reactions to his pettiness, he’s has not offered any explanation as to why he kept the few dollars he has left in his pocket.

Maybe the server referred to him and his crew as “boys” and he took offense? Who knows. However, we’re sure he’ll address the situation soon because Warren likes nothing more than to hear himself talk. Well, maybe food, but that’s about it.

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