Gorilla Pimp: Katt Williams Allegedly Pulled A Gun On A Heckler Inside Hollyweird Comedy Club

- By Bossip Staff

Katt is a strange lil’ man.

Witnesses Report Katt Williams Pulled A Gun On Someone Inside Comedy Store

According to TMZ reports:

Katt Williams drew a gun on someone at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood Tuesday night … triggering a 911 emergency that ended with deputies racing to the scene with guns drawn.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … Katt was inside the club when a heckler started talking smack about the comedian’s height and race. We’re told Katt was not on stage … he was milling around. An eyewitness says he went crazy, threatening the heckler with a gun.

At that point someone called 911 — reporting a man with a gun at the Comedy Store — and 6 cop cars raced to the Sunset Strip. Deputies pointed shot guns and bean bag guns at the club as they prepared for a confrontation.

Turns out … Katt had already left.

If it ain’t one thing, it’s a muhfuggin other with this guy.

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