50 Cent Has Rick Ross’ Whole Life in Pictures…Over 60

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bugsy is not finished with Rick Ross yet. 50 claims to have Ross’ whole life documented in photos and his Academy graduation tape:

Hip-Hop star 50 Cent has confirmed that he has a tape of rapper Rick Ross in an interview that recently hit the Internet. 50 Cent gave an exclusive interview with syndicated radio personalities Big Boi and Q-Deezy of the Big Boy Morning Show. In the clip, 50 Cent and Big Boy are seen riding in one of 50 Cent’s cars having a casual conversation when the Queens-bred rapper confirmed that he has a tape in his possession. “Now it’s public and the public knows that me and him don’t get along,” 50 Cent said. “So everybody who has things…I have a video tape of the actual graduation. That still photograph [of Ross in a Correctional Officer’s outfit], I have a videotape of that. I got like 60 photographs. I got his life story in photos from different time periods. He actually used to deliver medications, before he was a correctional officer.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Damn internet beef. SMH


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  • http://piv.pivpiv.dk/ me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/romance.com!!!


  • http://piv.pivpiv.dk/ me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/romance.com!!!

    You know, I like 50 and all but I’m getting tired of this.

    I want to hear some 50 Freestyles, not just Tia Told Me and the stupid one he did before that. I don’t care about who Ross’ baby moms slept with, etc, etc.

  • coko


  • Luv-Lee

    50’s monkey a$$ needs help!!! He truly belongs in a psych ward, in a straight jacket, in a padded room!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!β„’

    Damn Fif, you won dude… Leave it alone already. Boss is FINISHED you monkey, lol…

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee β™₯


  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    OMG when is this “beef” gonna stop? this sht is wack…the best beef has already happened nas & jay z was the best beef

  • leavemebe

    i am a 50 cent fan, but 50 if you read this, please tell me what this will do? you won!! officer ricky confessed due to the pressure you put on him. plus def jam probably told him to so you won’t have anything else on him. but knowing the little i do know about you, you need that final word. still love ya

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    fiddy needs to get a life — stat

  • A-Rab Baby

    oh my

  • Bored @ Work

    LMAO @ the pic…
    But seriously 50, do you have a crush on Ross?

  • Playlist

    20 spot

  • ...

    Why does Ross have such f**ked up baby mothers? He is a bum.

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    F U K K the PO leece!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://piv.pivpiv.dk/ me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/romance.com!!!

    The Lovely1

    All I know is that joint Rick Ross has out with John Legend is FIRE!



    I bought that off I-Tunes, and I’m definitely getting his album when it drops.

    And while yes, Ross is talking smack, his stuff is minor. Saying Banks writes for 50, said some dude is paying him to fall back on 50, etc. He’s not digging through 50’s life. He’s just going too far. 50 can rhyme, let him put out freestyles, or do his cartoons or skits..but “I have his whole life in pictures.” …”I have his C.O. grad tape” ….creepy.

    Ross, if you get ominous phone calls of someone breathing heavy and hanging up on you, you know it’s 50.

  • http://www.gravatar.com BOSSIP'S NEXT TOP MODEL

    yall did ross wrong…..i thought that pic was legit when I scrolled down

  • Dizzy McElroy

    This man deserves no respect whatsoever.

  • Capo Status

    Thats what you get when you mess with NYC

    Ross Stay in Carol city ,dade county weather you be from doggy

    It was ross who said “its more than music”

  • C'AIRA

    Sounds like 50cent is OBSESSED! Does he not have anything else to do with his time?? Damn. I was a fan of 50–but this last EPISODE has really turned me off. Rick Ross, keep doing your thang!!!

  • jswang

    This is free publicity for Rick Ross. 50 is an idiot.

  • BlackFriday


    Yea, Im a real hip hop fan. A lot of these people on this site aren’t. They’re just up here gossiping making fools out of themselves with their comments. EVERYBODY knows its ROSS who won’t stop,NOT 50. 50 said in the interview the same interview that we’re discussing that he’s going to great lengths to get n*ggas to leave him alone. He said if dude wants a problem he’s gonna give him a bigger problem then he actually wants. I aint mad at him for that. Tell fat boy to promote his album some other way.

  • BlackFriday


    How is showin RR is his police uniform gonna help him sell records? lol. How is showing RR delivering Meds(when he said he was delivering kilos of coke)gonna help him sell records? All pub aint good pub, ask Ja.

  • ohh boooy

    hmm i think 50 is turned on by ross get the cuffs officer ross 50 needs some one on one time tie him up and do it lock down style πŸ™‚

  • Christie's secrets (I have a TEST that says NEGATIVE! where is yours?)


    no 50 cent is not suppose to respond! he could have shown he is way more mature, busy and dont have time to childish behavior but looks like he is enjoying it! STUPID GROWN MEN!

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