Whitney Houston Turning The Tables on Stepmother

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Whitney Houston is counter-suing her Stepmother for 1.6 milli:

WHITNEY HOUSTON is countersuing her stepmother for $1.6 million (£1.09 million) in a dispute over mortgage loan payments.
The Grammy winner was hit with legal action by her late father John Houston’s wife Barbara in December (08), who accused the star of wrongfully keeping proceeds from her dad’s $1 million (£684,930) insurance policy following his death in 2003. The lawsuit claimed singer Houston was supposed to use the money to pay off the mortgage on the couple’s Fort Lee, New Jersey condominium that Barbara has lived in since 1987. But the I Will Always Love You hitmaker is fighting back against the allegations, insisting the debts are Barbara’s responsibility because Houston provided her father with a loan to cover the mortgage before he died.
Houston further claims she is owed principle and interest payments for the loan.

divorces, addictions, lawsuits, etc, etc… When will the tomfoolery end?


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  • keyzbaby

    Who gives a sh!t!!!!!!!!

  • Melo

    Get her Whit!

  • zappy

    See what happens when you get off crack (at least temporarily), you find out you are being sued and all.

  • http://www.bossip.com Toucheaway

    WTF? Pay off her house? Why couldn’t SHE pay off her house?

    Weren’t Whitney and her father beefing over money before he died? Maybe she agreed to pay off the mortgage and call it even stevens with him. MAYBE……

  • come on

    It the stepmom was his wife at time of death, why whitney has the insurance policy?

  • BossLady

    If Dad left Whitney the insurance money, then it’s hers to do whatever she pleases with it. If it was all peaches and cream with Barb, he woulda left the money to her. F*ck. Where’s dat album, Whit?

  • peanut

    she looks like her own grandmother.

  • Owners of Bossip GOSTTA BE WHITE

    Crack money?

  • Melo

    @ peanut – she looks like her own grandmother.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™

    As you can see me lurves me some Whitney!!!

    I go hard for mines!!!!!


  • dcgal

    Handle that triflin’ heffa, Whitney!

  • http://www.oakwood.edu Stanley

    Whitney’s step mother is from Trinidad. I suggest that both of you go to Trinidad and have a good time for carnival and forget about suing each other. Life is too short for hating on each other. Let us unite black people! WORD!

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