Really?? Bob Costas Tells MSNBC – “Stop Blaming White Racism For All Of Black People’s Problems”

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Bob Costas Says White Racism Not To Blame For All Black People’s Problems

Veteran sportscaster Bob Costas has been known not to hold his tongue in the past and during a recent visit to MSNBC, he caused more than a little controversy during a discussion about racist former Clippers owner Donald Sterling when he suggested that the media blames all of black American’s problems on white racism.

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Saturday on MSNBC’s “Up With Steve Kornacki,” NBC sportscaster Bob Costas offer a critique of how the U.S. mainstream media handles race issue starting with the example of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

He said Sterling coverage was a “low hanging fruit thing” and argued, “Who doesn’t think that what Donald Sterling said and what his record reveals about him is unacceptable?”

Costas challenged Kornacki saying “I think some people who work in this building ought to accept up and say that’s a bunch of politically correct BS.”

Costas continued along those line and said, “Historically the narrative of white racism and the oppression of black Americans is the overriding truth. It’s the single greatest stain on our national history. It is still part of narrative. But that narrative is much more complex now.

And some of the issues that are afflicting black america are not the result of white racism.”

Do you agree with any of what Bob Costas is saying? Or does he deserve a ‘ho, sit down?”

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