Update: Conspiracy? CW Looking To Derail “Game” Fans On Website?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Earlier, the cast of The Game told fans to go to the CW website and leave a thread in the “lounge” section of the site in an attempt get over 1 millions fans to show their support. Well, over 400,000 + fans took heed and went to the site. The CW has recently closed the option to post a new thread and left this message:

Comments Only – No New Threads On Saving The Show
Sorry for shouting folks but obviously you didn’t see the other sticky reminding people that you should be posting comments on that thread and not starting new threads.

So far, we have been merging the threads so if you don’t see yours, its in that one.

BUT … if folks continue to do threads instead of comments, we will start deleting.

We’re positive that if this was another show *ahem* (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl) there wouldn’t be a problem with the over whelming amount of threads on the site. They did leave the option of posting comments, so don’t post one, post several.

We just wanted Bossip Folk to be aware of the bullsh*t taking place.

Official message from CW
The cast of The Game, is asking for your help with a few things to make sure it stays on the air.

Pop the hood and see Tia Mowry with the rest of her cast give a confessional…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    i willbe going .. i love the game top ten

  • Save the game

    I love the game!! I need for it to continue we need to see if that baby belongs to Derwin!

  • iluvprada2

    Oookay… I guess that’s what’s up then!

    But I think that maybe they should change to a different network (just my thought)!? Something anit right if you’re still suppose to be on the air!

  • Teah

    the game is the shit! u must not know
    oh yea and 2nd!

  • ashankashay

    i love this show…Jason be having me dying laughing

  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!

    Anyway… let’s hope for the best though! Cause it is a pretty good show!

  • http://www.bossip.com Amber B.

    I think The Game is a terrific show, and I’m hoping that it will not be canceled. There aren’t many sitcoms on air nowadays. Everything is reality TV, which can be extremely annoying. So its nice to have a nice, funny sitcom on air. However, I believe that the network should try to schedule the show on a different night than Friday. Most individuals go out on Friday nights, which makes viewing it hard. If it was scheduled on a different weeknight, I believe the ratings would increase.

  • Lady Architect (TGIF!)


  • http://www.gravatar.com chinese eyes big girl thighs

    Love it…..I am so addicted to this show !!!!

  • Victorian

    I did my part. i signed the petition.. Just like someone else said something ain’t right if your still supposed to be on air but need people to sign a petition to stay on and to help sell them an hour of a sitcom… something tells me it’s not locked in stone that The Game will continue.

  • MissDee

    I love The Game… They better not cancel it!

  • http://bonisimacoco@twitter.com Shaahn

    I guess they just like errbody else, tryna keep they jobs!

  • nabby

    i’m gonna do my part. i hope it stays on

  • sharylynette


  • tweety

    Im doin my part! I hope they don’t cancel the show though, but I have a feelin they will

  • i dont care

    do they even get one million views? lol @ 1 million hits

  • bacchus

    I’ll give it a hit, I actually like the show

  • ManDown....

    I Luv This Show…..Imma Do My Part

  • Team Melanie and Drewin

    I like THE GAME. I think something is wrong with Mara Brock Akil. She did us dirtball bad when Girlfriends just STOPPED coming on. No series finale, or anything. I think The Game should change networks, AND go for an hour. Oh, and Akil may want to hurry up and hire new writers, because the story line needs a real pick up.

  • http://www.detroitfashionpages.com Bobbizzie

    That show is ok——nothing great. When it moved to Friday, that gave it the kiss of death. BTW, gotta get rid of that wack azz laugh track.

  • RoseyPinkBaby

    I like the show! I def will do! CW jacked them by putting their show on, on fridays! Setting us black folk up for failure….

  • ...


  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    I’ll sign the petition if the girls show a little more skin. They always showing the dudes walking around with no shirt on and boxer shorts, how about seeing the girls in a wife beater and some boy shorts? (can anybody say WOODIE)

  • rEbEl W/o A cAuSe

    I tried to sign up for the message boards to leave a post and it MYSTERIOUSLY said i couldn’t register at that time….ALL DAY… CW is most definitely tryna make sure that show gets cancelled

  • I'm RIGHT and your WRONG

    I will post as many times as I can.I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring GIRLFRIENDS too. It’s sad the you have to do this for black shows but stupid WHITE shows that have lower ratings them THE GAME are not being cancelled. Even if you don’t like the show support is needed.

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