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Whistleblower Tells BBC Elite Group Had Secret Child Sex Ring For 65 Years

We hope they find the evidence they need to lock all of these shady characters up — regardless of how powerful they are.

According to Daily Mail reports:

At least 20 high-profile members of the British Establishment formed a VIP pedophile ring that abused children for decades, a whistleblower claimed last night.

Peter McKelvie, 65, said senior politicians, military figures and even people linked to the Royal Family were among the alleged abusers.

Speaking in public for the first time in 20 years, the former local authority child protection chief said there were still people in power who had been involved in child abuse two decades ago.

He told the BBC: ‘For the last 30 years – and longer than that – there have been a number of allegations made by survivors that people at the top of very powerful institutions in this country, which include politicians, judges, senior military figures and even people that have links with the Royal Family, have been involved in the abuse of children.

‘At the most serious level, we’re talking about the brutal rape of young boys.’

Mr McKelvie said the child abusers made up a ‘small percentage’ of the British Establishment, but ‘a slightly larger percentage’ knew about it but did not report it to the police.

He said these people ‘felt that’ in terms of their own self-interest and self-preservation and for political party reasons, it has been safer for them to cover it up than deal with it.’

Speaking on the BBC’s Newsnight, Mr McKelvie added: ‘Over many years I’ve spoken to a considerable number of victims and most recently victims of perhaps the most powerful elite group of pedophiles.

‘Because the worst part of sexual abuse is the power that powerful people have over them. And they don’t believe that power can ever be broken.’

The evidence from West Mercia Police includes letters between notorious child abuser Peter Righton, who was a consultant to the National Children’s Bureau before he was unmasked, and other suspected pedophiles.

He said: ‘At last there is the very real prospect of survivors and victims having justice. I believe that there is strong evidence and an awful lot of information that can be converted into evidence if it is investigated properly.

‘There has been an extremely powerful elite, among the highest levels of the political classes, for as long as I have been alive – and I am 65 now.

‘There has been sufficient reason to investigate it over and over again – certainly for the last 30 years – and there has always been the block, the cover-up and the collusion to prevent that.’

Hate to use this pun but this makes Sandusky sound like child’s play. Considering how little has been done to punish the nasty predators in the Catholic Church we’re not very confident in their willingness to bring these monsters to justice though.




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