In Demoralized White Folks News: Robin Thicke’s New Album “Paula” Sold Less Than 50 Copies Overseas

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Robin Thicke’s Album Struggles To Sell Stateside And Abroad

Via HeraldSun

This time last year Thicke’s album Blurred Lines stormed into the Australian album chart at No. 4, on the back of the hit title track.

Last week Thicke’s follow up album, Paula, didn’t even make the ARIA Top 500.

For some perspective, the album at No. 500, a Blondie compilation, sold just 54 copies in Australia last week.

That means less than 50 Australians purchased Paula in its first week of release.

With no sales registered for albums outside the Top 500, Thicke’s album may not have even made double figures in Australia.

Wasn’t just Down Under where the heartbroken blue-eyed soul singer struggled…

That’s even worse than the UK, where Paula sold just 530 copies to debut at No. 200.

In the US Paula sold 24,000 copies to enter at No. 9, well down on Blurred Lines’ first week sales in the US last year of 117,000.

There has been a dank pong around Paula — and Thicke — from the start of the campaign.

He struggled to match the success of Blurred Lines with any of the album’s follow up singles.

Paula’s first single, Get Her Back, has been shunned by the same Australian radio stations who bombarded us with Blurred Lines last year.

Looked up “dank pong” to find out what that means in Aussie talk, apparently it is a “bad smell”. What they tryna say about Paula’s box??? LOL

The album has been savaged for its creepy lyrics which include “Every time you walked through that door, I shoulda bought white roses, good and plenty, and rubbed your toesies” and “Should’ve waited patient, thanked ya, spanked ya.”

He also sings at one point “Don’t leave me out here in the cold, ooh turn the porch light on, at least open the doggy-door, throw a friend a juicy bone.”

There is also an apparent confession of cheating “I thought everyone was going to eat the chip, turns out I’m the only one who double dipped.”

“Toesies”? Really, bruh?? That’s why she don’t want you back, because you a grown azz man saying isht like “toesies”. SMH.

Paula probably asked Rihanna to put the same roots she put on Chris Brown on Robin.

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