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Biggest Album Flops EVER

There’s nothing more humbling to a popular artist than their album flopping. And by flopping, we mean going completely un-bought by most folks on Earth. At times, it’s tragic to see the mighty fall but inevitable in our fickle society.

Hit the jump for the biggest album flops of all-time.

Robin Thicke’s creepy, lazy and mostly pathetic love letter to his estranged wife only sold a laughable 530 copies (in the UK).

That sad yet hilarious moment when a new Ja Rule album debuts at number 197 on the Billboard 200 with 3,200 albums sold.

Kreayshawn’s dreadful Hip-Hop debut “Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” stumbled to No. 104 on the Billboard 200 with a struggly 3,900 albums sold.

1 cent. Never forget.

Gucci Mane & V-Nasty’s all-time terrible collab did exactly what you’d expect: 4,449 albums sold first-week. 4,449 copies too many if we’re being honest.

The most infamous stay-at-home dad ever dropped one of the worst albums ever. First-week sales? 6,485.

Soulja Boy pretty boy swagged to his worst debut ever with “The DeAndre Way” which only moved 13,400 first-week units.

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Remember that one Electro-Pop Kelis flop that no one knew about? Of course you don’t which explains why it only moved 7,800 first-week units.

At one point, Juvenile was a southern Hip-Hop superstar which seems like a lifetime ago when you realize that he only moved 6,400 first-week units of his last album.

12,400 copies of “Guilt” sold first-week? Mims, this is why you’re (not) hot.

Everyone cared about the internet-hyped supergroup until it was time to buy the album. And very few people did. First-week sales? 18,000.

Lil B’s feel-good disaster “I’m Happy” flopped as badly as you can possibly flop with only 1,700 copies sold.

The once popular Star Trak duo went from mainstream success to selling only 6,300 first-week copies of “Love The Future” and falling off Earth.

Maino’s “The Day After Tomorrow” bombed terribly with only 6,343 first-week copies cold despite being released and promoted by Atlantic Records.

Travis Porter makes quality turn up music. Quality turn up albums? Not really, and flopped with their official debut “From Day 1” (14,000 copies sold).

If Pop star Sean Kingston drops a new album and it only does 13,000 first-week, did it really happen?


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