For The Ladies: Serge Ibaka Shows Off His Chiseled Chocolatey Chest And Amazing Abs For ESPN’s ‘The Body Issue’

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Damn you Keri!!!!

Serge Ibaka Poses For ESPN’s “The Body Issue”

Keri Hilson’s fine azz on-again/off-again boyfriend Serge Ibaka is yet another athlete featured in ESPN’s Body Issue. Mr. Avec Classe looks yummy on the cover and is showing off his uh-mazing baaawdy in all its naked glory.

Inside the mag he dishes on his injury that almost ended his season and how his girlfriend (Keri) was scared for him to return to the court.

ESPN reports:

On his injury:

I told them, “Hell no, no surgery.” [The doctors] told me I was going to be out for the rest of the playoffs: “The MRI showed that you are bleeding a lot in your calf and you’re going to be out therest of the playoffs.” But my heart was telling me, “You’re going to be back.” I didn’t want to believe that God could let me down like that. I said “I’m not just going to sit back and watch the rest of the playoffs at home.” I wasn’t listening to them. They told me “This is dangerous, this is serious; you can’t play like that.” I was like, “Man, excuse me, I’m about to play. This is too early to happen to me. (1) I’m not getting surgery, and (2) Trust me, I’m going to be back to play. At least one game, at least Game 7 or Game 6 or whatever, I will play.”

On returning to the game:

It was not easy, that game, man. When I came back the first game, I was scared a little bit. My girlfriend was scared; she was thinking I was just going to play because of media pressure. And then my sister tells me, “I can’t believe you are trying to play today, and yesterday you couldn’t walk!” I said “Listen, whatever happens happens, but I need to be out there with my teammates.”




You likey ladies??????? Does he look better than Prince Fielder?????

Peter Hapak/ESPN

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