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These white boys are going to get themselves killed!

Brooklyn Police Tell White Pranksters To Stop Their Antics Before They Get Killed

Two attention-craving clowns have stirred outrage in Brooklyn by targeting African-Americans for sick pranks and posting the footage online.

Via NY Daily News reports:

It’s gotten so brazen that community activists in Brownsville and East New York demanded Thursday that they cease and desist before they get killed — and called on YouTube to stop giving them a platform.

“This is juvenile ignorant behavior that borders racist overtones and truly can go really wrong at any given time thus causing harm not only to the victims but even more so to pranksters,” said community advocate Tony Herbert. Etayimm (Et) Etayyim, 21, insisted neither he nor his 20-year-old brother Mohammed, aka Moe, are racists and that they stared OckTV as “a hobby.”

“We target everybody, white people, Spanish people, not only black people,” he said.

Etayyim, who like his bespectacled brother are white guys from Bay Ridge, said they pulled similar stunts in Manhattan but “wanted to take our pranks to the higher level” by filming in mostly black parts of Brooklyn. “People in these bad neighborhoods are more aggressive than people in Manhattan,” he said.

It’s a wonder they aren’t in the hospital.

Wearing headbands bearing the colors of their nativePalestinian flag, they have challenged complete strangers to fight them in the street.

Carrying calculators, they have walked up to others asking, “Yo dawg, you got a problem?” They have snatched cell phones out of their hands of pedestrians, claiming they want to check the time.

They have offered to sell other marks a gun, which turns out to be a water pistol, and then laughed like hyenas afterward. They’ve sat on the laps of unsuspecting straphangers on the subway

One especially gross and gassy bit of buffoonery they titled “F—— in the Hood.” The occasional body slams and beatdowns at the hands of the people they’ve duped — and which they have included in their films — don’t appear to deter the Brothers Etayyim.

And they have a rapidly growing audience online. Asked why they pull these pranks, the elder Etayyim, whose nickname is pronounced E.T. like the beloved Steven Spielberg character, said “it’s just for fun.”

“We’re just going to keep doing it,” he said.





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