Madge Building Barracks In Mother Land

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Since Madonna can’t bring them home any more, she’s decided to build a home in Malawi:

MADONNA is hoping to build a home in Malawi despite……her application to adopt three-year-old local MERCY JAMES being refused. Last week a judge turned down her bid to become the girl’s legal mother because Madge hadn’t lived in the country for 18 months. Nevertheless, the chart-topper has instructed her architects to draw up plans for a home in the African country, as she believes adopted son DAVID BANDA would benefit from a connection to his birthplace. I’m told: “Madonna has a big, beautiful plot of land over there already. She’s planning to build a girl’s school in the Chinkhota village and those designs are well under way. “But she’s gone back to the designers and asked if they could accommodate a family home on the plot or on adjacent land.”

It still amazes us that these celebrities care more about the chocolate children overeas, than lil’ Shaquita who just wants new books in her school. Save the “their conditions are worse” speech. We understand that, but still.


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  • Owners of Bossip GOSTTA BE WHITE

    Shaking my Damn head…

  • Ara

    Well …

  • Detroit All Day!

    Sorry but I’m one of the ppl that consistently makes that “but their conditions are worse” speech and we all know how that goes.

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Stupid. Just trynna prove a damn point!

  • Patricia

    Madge is interested in staying relevent. If she can’t be ahead of the curve, she’s certainly trying to be in the curve. Right now, Angelina and Brad have made it trendy to get an African child. Oprah started a school in Africa so Madonna wants to start one- a kaballah one of course.

    Madonna can’t stay relelvant with music anymore so now foreign children are her tools. Money isn’t everything. Values count for something. We’ve seen Madonna’s value system. She shouldn’t be allowed to bear children, let alone adopt them. though that little of girl of hers is so cute, looks just like her. Madonna sounded jealous the last time soemone complimented her daughter. Now ain’t that something? Competing with her own child. SMH

    She could try her luck in Vietnam or wherever Angie got her two Asian boys from. Apparetnly they are easier to buy.

  • rachel

    You people are sick complaining about this women doing a good thing to help childrend dieing in a poor country, What have any of YOU done you buy your possesions have any of you taken your hard earned money to help other people. She just looked around the world and wanted to help the PEOPLE WHO NEEDED MORE THAN any other , and Malawi was one of those nations, Why is she being judged so negative she is helping black people stay alive in this world . We should appreciate her help even if its one child , but she helps MANY, BY THE way has sponsered plenty of urban causes in America she just doesnt brag about it. So shut up dummies

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