Steve Harvey “I didn’t Get Tom Joyner Fired”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Steve Harvey is saying that the Tom Joyner dumping was out of his hands and lane…:

Like any other comedian capable of packing a venue, Steve Harvey is usually able to turn his aggravation into something funny. On the phone from Atlanta this week, however, he just sounded frustrated. “I’m the fall guy,” he said. “I’m not the reason you don’t have your beloved Tom. I just want people to know.”

Tom is Tom Joyner, whose Chicago radio roots reach all the way back to 1972 and whose syndicated morning program was for 13 years heard on Clear Channel‘s WVAZ-FM 102.7 until last month. Without warning, Clear Channel moved Harvey’s syndicated show to V103 from Chicago’s WGCI-FM 107.5, bumping Joyner. A big reason for the move was so Clear Channel could launch “The Morning Riot,” a local program more in sync with WGCI’s hip-hop playlist the rest of the day, so it can better compete against Power 92, Crawford Broadcasting’s WPWX-FM 92.3.

But Harvey, whose show is syndicated by a Clear Channel subsidiary, enjoyed an in-house edge on Joyner, who chose to go into business with Radio One in 2004. Radio One subsequently yanked Joyner’s show off Clear Channel stations in markets where it also owned outlets.

Joyner last month told the Tribune that if he were in Clear Channel’s position, he would “probably do exactly the same thing because … strategically, it’s what they should have done. But the people who had been waking up to Joyner on their clock radio for years and years were none too pleased to abruptly have someone else rousting them from bed. Calls for a boycott were fueled by a sound bite making the rounds in which detractors claimed Harvey kissed off disgruntled Joyner fans in Chicago.

Harvey insists the clip—something about how people who don’t like what has happened can go home—came from his cousin and was in regard to something else in a different market. But these things take a life of their own, and the controversy over Clear Channel’s move in Chicago is one he clearly wants to snuff out.

“It doesn’t make any sense for me to say something like that,” Harvey said. “I’m trying to win and endear myself to people and not aggravate people and drive a wedge between me and the audience. I do respect and love Tom Joyner. He and I have been friends a long time. And we’ve talked since he’s been off the air [in Chicago]. But the move to V103, Steve Harvey has absolutely no control over. That’s what’s alarming to me.

“I’m just a hired gun. It’s unfair when people think the radio guys have a say-so. We don’t own the stations. … Somebody should explain to the people that while you’re boycotting, Tom Joyner is going to resurface in Chicago radio. If somebody would tell that to people, it would be better for people. But nobody’s telling them.”

Steve, we believe you. Looks like Tom is distraught. Sometimes business works out that way.


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  • This some shhhh...

    Steve is overated.

  • bronzedasian


  • bronzedasian

    lmaO@ THIS PIC..

  • http://wordpress delish

    too bad. tom joyner’s show is a lot more entertaining

  • mrsalex

    I can’t stand Steve Harvey. I don’t even listen to the radio anymore here in Chicago because of his annoying voice! And ladies, please don’t advice on how to get a man from an adulterer!

  • Owners of Bossip GOSTTA BE WHITE

    Tell big Suge to put some damn clothes on!

  • pat

    that’s the “wrongest” pic i’ve seen since the tommy davidson joint

  • Symone

    Never mind the radio show, where the hell is that picture from?!?!?

  • Detroiter4Life

    This picture is killing me?!? LMBAO!!LOL!!!

  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    I don’t listen to it. It is not funny to me at all. But I laughed when I heard some girl put his whole book in an email and sent it out. Now folks are getting in trouble because the publishing company is going after them. THey already got the girl. Now that is funny.

  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    Why would a man take a picture with another man looking like Fee Fee the hair dresser down in the ATL?

  • bg (Prayers to my fellow Arkansans)

    This pic is terrible

  • Queeney


  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    Everytime I look at this picture it is wrong on so many levels

  • Dont be mad

    This is a horrible picture that they absolutely should not have taken

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    The black BrokeBack Mountain……SMDH

  • Slice of Life

    The picture looks fake. I like Steve Harvey but at times his show can be a little minstrel added with color.


    okay the pic is funny azz hell….but i don’t listen to the radio at all……..but i just seen steve walking down chestnut street last week…i just said oh hey steve….and start touching big boom (the bodyguard) arms…that man got some guns 4 sho…but steve is corny and didn’t nefew tommy play in a sitcom too…was he the dad on that show wit tia n tamara brother….smart kid… smart boy somthing….

  • DICooper

    Two brothers in the same business really aren’t fighting, are they?

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (R.I.P. Colonel Stinkmeaner)

    Colonel died…under that man’s protuberance…

  • Re (Gambit in 21 Days!)


    Colonel Stinkmeaner, I miss you my nigg.

  • lashon1

    that’s the same Guy that slapped Katt Williams after that concert when he was on the bill with Steve Harvey!

  • roni


  • me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/!!!

    Now I’m not one to start randomly throwing around the term gay, but…this pic SCREAMS Brokeback Mountain.

  • too damn bad...

    joyner is getting what he deserves and more to come. Steve better shut up too or he’ll suffer Karma his damn self.

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