Farrakhan’s Son is Trifling

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Who would have thought that Minister Louis Farrakhan was still taking care of his grown ass 48 year-old son? His old ass is still mooching off his dad now and won’t pay up for an accident he caused back in 2003:

A Gary couple are seeking to collect $350,000 from Farrakhan’s 48-year-old son, who lost a lawsuit after crashing his father’s Hummer into their car in 2003 and leaving the scene. Nasir Farrakhan has yet to pay any of the punitive damages awarded to Charles and Gladys Peterson, though they received $464,000 for their medical expenses from his insurance company. The younger Farrakhan has said he cannot pay because he has no income, has never been employed and has no checking account or savings. He argues the $1,400 in cash he receives from his father each month is legally considered charity, even though Nasir Farrakhan has acted as head of the minister’s 20-man security force for many years.

SMH. Get a job nicca.


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  • Me

    Finally 1st!

  • Me

    and 2nd

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    He sholl is trifling! Minister Farrakhan is just as trifling for taking care of his grown ass!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please
  • Unkle Kracka

    Heh, heh you meen to tell me that niggra kant go out an sell sum bean pies or sumthin, heh, heh

  • Queen of Sarcasm

    Ummm, the first thing that came to my mind was “Why does Farakhan own a Hummer?”

  • helltothanaw

    Southern Belle 225

    He sholl is trifling! Minister Farrakhan is just as trifling for taking care of his grown ass!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    ^^^^LMAO!! True dat.. Minister Farrakhan is an enabler, he should have made that mofo get a job along time ago..SMH

  • http://alumnah.com I Fux aka the Immaculate Erection

    Can He carry his dad’s Kufi for a check? I bet it was a hybrid Hummer(none)

  • http://www.istayconfused.com I Stay SMH

    What in tha hell?

    Whats EFFed up is this nicca is “just as happy” receiving that $1400 per month.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Uncle Kracka, yup!!!

    @ Queen of Sarcasm……….. yupper!!!! All preachers…. I tell you what……….every got damn last one of them is in it for that bread. Remember God got the deepest pockets in the universe he don’t need yo cake. JMHO, that’s all.

  • Shae


  • andie

    if Farrahkan can’t handle this, it’s time to call The Nation.

  • weezy

    I guess he doesn’t listen to his fathers speeches.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    @ Unkle Kracka…

    I know… right!

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com GOTSTRONG

    WTF is Farrakhan doing with a HUMMER ? Picking up Hoez ? How many bean pies & Final Calls is he sellin’ ? Ain’t gas high as a *uck ? Dem fools’ just using the system. 14 hun a month is trick-off $. He ain’t paying for gas, food, car, & shelter. So, 14 is for clubs & Hoez. What’s worse is now they want to hide behind the “WHITE MAN’S” Law & use semantics to not pony up the dough.


  • gina

    how the hell do you get to 48 years old and you’ve NEVER BEEN EMPLOYED?!?!?!

  • JaliliMasster

    All this while I’ve been saying that fool farrakhan is a phony, y’all don’t listen. You lot don be crackin’ e up. SMH!

  • geezy

    Farrakhan’s other son Mustapha is fine as hell…..This 48 yr old man needs his ass whipped….SMH he has never had a job?

  • NubianGoddez

    @GOTSTRONG and JaliliMasster. folks need to read the Hon Marcus Garvey and what he said about these called black leaders. straight pimps. smh at Farrakhan driving a damn hummer what part of polluting the planet does he not understand, but anyway a fed man is a kept man. have you all seen this dudes house damn him and Crefflo dollar are in the running most pimped out mansions. this is what your money is going to keeping these pimps and their trifling ass kids on welfare. hell look at Juanita Bynum, Long, Jakes, Himm and all the rest of them pimps/etts bunch of damn snake oil sales men/women. these clowns are more slicker than used car salesman. btw I went to a few of Farrakhan’s vizits when he came to town, lord how they pass around those big ass buckets and kept telling folks he’s getting close, the bus is pulling in and they would hype up those poor negroes and would be urging you to give as much as you can give, and would be telling folks come on fill those buckets, Bro Farrakhan ain’t coming to speak for no chump change. oh lawdddd it was pure comedy. he’s a great speaker though but we know his ass was in cahoots with them jews and other yt to knock off Malcom X. so I ain’t riding with him.

  • marv

    this should be under randon and ridicoulous.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    This is what we are dealing with ladies? 50 year old men that have never worked a day in your life that would think a secretary’s annual salary was something to shake a stick at? I feel sorry for any woman who is desperate to date that fool cuz she will just pick up where his daddy left off like a damn woman and that’s a damn shame. SMH, SHDH!!!!!

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    ^^^^*desperate enough*

  • JaliliMasster

    Black men crack me the hell up. Is this the best that there is? That was a rhetorical question, so I don’t need any of you to reply!

  • luvlyme

    I am new to this sight but pretty much think that the majority of posters are either 17years old or retards.

    use your brains a lil….this is just legal manuevering on the bahalf of some crafty lawyers. THATS HOW RICH FOLKS DO (to all the broke people in here.) We live in a litigious society and EVERYBODY tries to make come ups off of lawsuits. I could see the concern if NOTHING was paid out but ALL the monies to repair the damages and medical expenses are paid! What the Farrakahn lawyers are fighting is the unnecessary money being asked for just cause the couple knows they have it to give…punitive damages!

    Do you REALLY think that ol’ boy don’t have a job within his fathers empire? The NATION of Islam is a nation within a nation so there is PLENTY of work that he probably does but is not under any gov’t watched bankroll because he does not need to be. HIS FATHER IS MINISTER FARRAKAHN. So while you dummies on here are calling trife and stupid , while paying the Gov’t 1/3 of YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY in taxes to support this crooked war and all kinds of other gov’t imposed foolishness, Farrakahns son is making dough TAX FREE and they can’t do anything about it! Now whose really stupid?

  • Rebel78

    that’s a d*mn shame!

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