Someone We Actually Like: The Obamas

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Posted by Bossip Staff

In case you missed our editorial officially endorsing Barack Obama, click here to read it.

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  • The Center of Attention

    I love Obama!

  • The Center of Attention

    Together we stand Divided we fall!!!!!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Good looking family

  • Brownie

    @ Southern Belle 225 … I agree. Fab look for the White House!!

  • John

    THE MAN, WOO, WOO, WOO!!!!!!!!

  • aqueenwaits

    Goodluck Obama ——— you’re gonna need it. The family is goodlooking and intact. As for Hilary, she’s intellectually quick to respond to the haters, but what she lacks is INTEGRITY and a SOLID STRATEGIC PLAN for the American voters. She’s full of it and won’t be getting my vote. I wish that her husband could run again because I would DEFINITELY vote for him again. Hilary is just trying to let people know that she can hang with the guys. But in the end…………….Americans prefer a man running things.

    BBB – BRING BACK BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    YAY TEAM OBAMA!!!!!!!! CHICAGO!!!!!!YAY!!

  • Mojola

    Barack Obama PRESIDENT

  • yourgirlnelle

    awwww the kids are so cute!

  • lalalatina


  • Yes sir!

    Whatever happens to Obama in ’08 and into the future, I just hope his daughters hold up well under the spotlight. People are quick to pick apart the children of politicians and celebs, and Barak is both, so lawd knows the world is going to be watching those girls closely.

  • Ara

    Barack Obama all the way!!!

  • nahnah

    haha @ NubianGoddez!

    I admire those who say they’re voting for Barack because he’s black more than they say they’re voting for him because he offers something ‘new’.

    We know he ain’t offering nothing new. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jaerisk

    I thought we already had our morning fug

  • Baby Please
  • Lovin me some Barack

    If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re a damn fool. She claims she’s good for (white) women, but Barack isn’t supposed to even mention that he’d have black peoples’ back. Go ‘head brainwashed, and vote for Hillary. She’s trash like what’s between your ears.

  • Pootypoo

    A pretty picture. I am voting for Obama because I like what he stands for. He may not have the “experience” in the political arena but the man has a history of being a public servant. We need a change.

  • Baby Please


    They’re all liars.

  • Nita

    Obama is on the up and up. I’d vote for Edwards, Biden, even that Gravel dude from Alaska before I’d vote for the backstabbing Clintons.

  • Debbie Dee

    Screw all those losers!

    I want to see John Edwards as President of the United States!

  • ImpeachBush

    I went to his rally in South Central/Compton LA back in March, & the crowd was majority white.

    That’s why he’ll win Iowa, NH… & the presidency.

    Because everyone likes this guy.

    Not slick or polarizing, like Hillary.

  • http://aol Marie B

    It is time we showed political maturity and supported one of our own why do so many black people have a problem with Obama it is jealousy pure and simple. We march for that coon OJ and for Michael Jackson but we are reticent when it comes to supporting a strong powerful family man it is time to grow up.

  • barackthevote!

    If Barack wins Iowa, I hope that those black people that are in the Hillary camp becuase of their affinity for Bill will be persuaded to change their vote. What’s disheartening is that if Barack had the support amongst black voters that Jesse and Sharpton had, he would almost surely take it. Here we finally have a black candidate that could actually win unlike Sharpton and Jesse who realistically never had a chance due to their inability to embrace and speak to the desires of all Americans. The real question seems to be not if white people are ready for a black president but are we??–I sincerely hope we are. Just think of the cultural implications his presidency would have. What a role model for young black youth especially males. Not to mention I think he’s in this race for the right reasons.


    “We know he ainโ€™t offering nothing new.”

    How do “we” know that? The man hasn’t spent one day in the White House, so to claim to be intimately acquainted with his inability to push a new agenda – just makes you look retarded and in desperate need of being euthanized.

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