Scared Of Lonely? 13 Reasons He Won’t Wife You

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Wondering why your boo thang won’t lock it down for good?

Why The Guy You’re Dating Won’t Commit.

Here are a few reasons why he just won’t make it official.

Broke. If he’s gotta borrow your card just to pay for dates he won’t be bringing you over to Team Taken. He doesn’t have gas money.

Insecure. If he’s too worried about the next man he’s worried about the wrong things. And he can’t be focused on you.

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Down-Low. If he’s REALLY worried about the next man, as in climbing Brokeback Mountain,you’re out of luck boo.



Too busy watching Netflix. If he’s stuck watching Power Rangers reruns online then you’re stuck too. By yourself.

Can’t get it up. If his man parts are malfunctioning the only chick he’s thinking about seeing is Alice. Cialis? Either way it ain’t you.


He’s in line buying sneakers. The new J’s came out. He doesn’t have time or $200 to take you on a date.



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    He’s swirling. You’re beautiful and accomplished, but he secretly has a yayo problem and only Chelsea Handler understands.

    Mama’s Boy. When yoou walked in the bedroom and saw that 24×17 gold-framed pic of Mom Dukes you knew what it was. He can’t wife you while he’s still up under his mother.

    Thirsty. If he’s out here sporting dry-mouth because he can’t log off of Instagram and Twitter chasing “models” then your guy may be a THOT. And you won’t be his Woman Crush Wednesday anytime soon.

    He’s “at the studio”. If your man is always at somebody’s studio rapping, producing, managing or doing deals and you have yet to hear any music? He’s looking for a hot sixteen bars. He ain’t lookin for love.


    Lazy. He’s laying around scratching and sniffing. If he doesn’t have the energy to get up and hand you the TV remote, you know he doesn’t have it in him to step up and claim you for real.




    Social Media Shy.  “Why won’t he change his relationship status on Facebook?” He’s still looking to land a bigger Catfish maybe?



    You stayed. If you’re unhappy with how your smash buddy is treating you, you can always move on. A big reason he won’t wife you is because you have not made it a deal-breaker. The choice is yours.

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