Another Case Of Nearly Killer Cakes: New York Woman Sentenced To 2 Years In Jail For Illegal Krazy Glue Butt Lift

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Is it that serious y’all?????

Woman Sentenced For Illegal Butt Lift

A New York woman posing as a doctor is in jail after authorities say she botched a butt lift and then tried to repair the damage with Krazy Glue.


The New York Daily News reports:

A phony Queens doctor will do two real years in jail for a horribly botched butt lift operation.

Defendant Liliana Coello, 40, apologized in a Queens courtroom during her Tuesday sentencing for the catastrophic cosmetic surgery — including a follow-up treatment with Krazy Glue.

She pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully practicing medicine and seriously injuring a patient in a plea that covered two separate incidents.

Coello, sporting handcuffs to go with her long-sleeved white shirt and gray-and-white-striped tights, fidgeted nervously before State Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron imposed the jail time.

“I’m very sorry for what happened,” Coello told the judge.

“I hope I don’t see you again,” Kron said after the 10-minute hearing.

Coello was sentenced to two years in prison for a previous case and one to two years for the 2012 derriere disaster for a Brooklyn nightclub worker.

The judge allowed the sentences to run concurrently despite a prosecution request to make Coello serves the full three-to-four-year term.

The Nov. 3, 2012, surgery cost the Brooklyn woman $2,300 and was done in Coello’s Queens home-office, with the phony physician injecting the woman with a clear gel, authorities said.

The resulting pain and leakage brought the woman back to Coello, who tried to solve the problem with a needleful of Krazy Glue and penicillin, officials said.

The patient wound up with a nasty infection and was hospitalized three times. Officials said she would likely face additional health woes for the rest of her life.

Please stop getting your doctors off CraigsList!

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