Cassie, Interrupted

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Cassie was once a gorgeous, talentless young woman going about her life as she should; then Diddy happened. And now this attention-grabbing stunt. We just wish there was something we could have done…SMH

Good people, are you diggin’ this fierce new ‘do or has Cassie lost it behind that Diddy fool?

Pics of her at Promenade in NY as well as some Twitter images.

Images via DrewReports

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  • too damn bad...

    It’s her head!

  • too damn bad...

    It’s her head. Before this party get started, does it have to be some social statement or rebellion of any kind? No. People over analyze every dang thing. She did it because she wanted to, so why does it have to be anything but a look? She pulls it off; it’s not as if she has to worry about going to a 9-5.

  • Kia

    OMG, did someone tell her that cutting her hair off would make her sing better? She’s still gonna sound like nails on a chalkboard. DAMN, stupid girl!

  • Re

    OMG! This is not edgy…this is just dumb.

    Maybe if the other side was a little shorter…I dunno…we’ll see what she does with this new do…

  • Angee

    Why would she do this? People with real talent do not have to resort to these gimmicks!!!

  • misty

    she did a britney….

  • Meggie Letterman

    Hmmmmmmmm……I don’t know what’s a bigger ‘acclaimed FUKED’; Cassie’s new do or just the fact that she’s been trained & basically brought by Diddy. See you can’t do everything for money, it can’t FIX all things….after while you gon have to put on your thinking cap, and do what’s not only BEST for you, for also a healthy lifetime. Don’t let people make you an international SHITFIX…..Cassie needs at this point to work on her self-esstem cause she’s sinkin’ deep into shitquack….

  • hotbeaver69

    i never heard her sing but i guess everyone wants to be edgy, singing and sounding good does not play a part any more. everyone needs a gimmick this world is f up

  • Ohio_888


  • The Anti-Bossip Nupe

    I just lost the respect for her…

  • The Anti-Bossip Nupe


  • mrs. jones

    She should just cut it all off like Amber Rose, ,(the bald half is still beautiful)and do what Amber does (not sing),and just take pictures and fly around the world being famous for absolutely nothing other than being bald? and beautiful.

  • misty

    and, is it just me or does she now look like a mexican dude without da hair`? i mean she still beautiful..on da other side ov da head.,but yeah.. she does look alil bit like a dude here..hmmm…this does look like sum rihanna could do..only she would rock it n make it look good!

  • Luv-Lee


  • dee



  • Qat

    She’s beautiful. I don’t think anyone could deny that.

    I just don’t understand, WHY exactly she felt this would do for her?

    Regardless, she should just go bald. She’d pull it off.

  • PhillySTUD

    I like it..she has a pretty face. She could cut the other side down if she wanted and still look fly. Its bold and different..

  • Mileka

    New Chris Brown – “Burn” and Mario – “Turn Her On”. Click on my name (Mileka) to listen/download!!!

  • Phenomenally Dee...

    Umph! “Young and Dumb” could never have more meaning. Beautiful girl + limited talent = SILLY STUNT! Still won’t get you in the Top Ten charts (permanently).

    I would say “nice try”, but that wouldn’t be true!

  • me (the original) Ms_NYC and RichardBibs GTFO!!! And no one gives a damn about millionaires club/chat/!!!

    Cry for attention imho (in my honest opinion).

    Crazier than what C-Mili did, half as crazy as Britney.

    That said, I’ve wanted to shave my head for about 6 years now. I have fairly long hair (mid-back), but it’s not as healthy as it could be..dyed it and stuff. My hair grows pretty fast so my idea was to grow new, more healthy hair and not subject it to too much damaging treatment. Buuuuuuuuuuut like someone else said, it’s not a good look for a job, that along with all the reasons NOT do it have stopped me, and now that Britney did it when she flipped out, everyone would say I’m copying her so..bleh.

    Anyway, I need to see more pics of her before I decide one way or another.

  • Anon

    She looks like a damn fool. It would look fine if she shaved it all off, but only one side? A mess and a half…

  • funny gal

    she plays on the other side of the fence?

  • janb

    I guess this is her atempt to look edgey and deep. Poor baby, not so much.

  • Constantine

    she should shave it all off like kanye’s girl!! she’d still look good.

  • goons

    i am sure about the look..need to see more pic of her and then will decided..let the girl try out something dif..i hated c-milli, now dnt mind her look.. maybe this one will grow on me..

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