BOSSIP Exclusive: Lil Mo Dishes On ‘R&B Divas L.A.’ And Explains The Prince ESSENCE Fest Incident ‘My Team Don’t Run Like That!’

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“If Jesus was walking through I would grab the hem of his garment and said Lord I know you died for our sins but I gotta pee!”— Lil Mo

Lil Mo Dishes On Prince And “R&B Divas L.A.”

Tonight marks the season 2 premiere of “R&B Divas L.A.” and Lil Mo is sounding off on her return to television. The fiery songstress who’ll be joined by Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz,  Michel’le and newbies Chrisette Michele and Leela James, recently dished to BOSSIP about her cast mates and finally explained that kooky azz Essence Fest incident where she caught a lil shade from the Purple One.


What can we expect this season on “R&B Divas L.A.”?

Taking it to the next level. This season we have two new divas and extra added heat. When you get a second season you have to turn it up and turn up doesn’t;t mean being extra ratchet or extra violent it means you pick up where you left off and tell more of your story. One of the biggest stories that had to do with me [last season] was the battle going on inside of me and that was Cynthia v.s. Lil Mo. I got 10 weeks and two reunions to get that point across. So if you were entertained and posted in front of your television last season then you might as well nail yourself to the feet because this one—-we did that!


How do you like your new cast mates Chrisette and Leela?

The new ladies are amazing! We call ourselves the Golden Girls, we’re young little old ladies that act grown. They became like my best friends during shooting and even after that. Before reality TV we were like coworkers and now we’re sisters. Those are my homies. We had such a great time down at Essence, I just saw Michel’le and Leela in Detroit because we had an empowerment seminar. We just working and keeping in touch. We send each other pictures of our plates like ‘girl I just cooked for my company,’ you know that means you got a date at the house when you say company. (laughs) We’re family now! Like for real for real [it’s like a sisterhood], we know each other’s families.

Do you think social media helps or hurts your career???

With me I get a pass only because I do radio and I blog for other sites, I’m not afraid to be transparent. I’m not afraid to say when I’m wrong. I’m not afraid to be an advocate for an artist as well as an consumer. If you see me post something it’s because it’s something that I wanted to do. I never speak to get attention, it just always happens. I’m media trained enough to know what to say and what not to say. Sometimes I do go overboard when I be letting people have it. I’m not a cyber bully and I’m not really gonna put my hands on anybody but your’e just not gonna talk to me crazy, it doesn’t work like that. I’m from Baltimore and I represent Philly now so you’re not gonna pop off on me.


Are you surprised by some of the backlash you get for social media, like you did for the Essence Fest Prince incident???

A lot of people weren’t there. I’ve seen artists have security mush people and move them out the way, so when I speak up about being mishandled not by the artist but by the people around them and your people that you hire and empower to speak for you they have to become you. I know a lot of times people think artists get the short end of the stick when their handlers have to play the bad guy. I’m like ‘no, my team don’t run like that.” Hire somebody that treats people with respect, when I have to go to the bathroom I don’t care. This not blasphemous, if Jesus was walking through I would grab the hem of his garment and said Lord I know you died for our sins but I gotta pee especially when I have an all access pass. Because of how the way it was released to the blogs it looked like I was turned up but it wasn’t that. If you ask any artist that was back there and that saw the situation….well they’re not gonna speak about it because half of their a—s are scared but they saw it firsthand. A well known reputable PR rep that was there saw it and said ‘I know Mo, sometimes people just act like that and I said ‘ but it’s not fair! They did not have to shut down a totally different way then I was going, I was not gonna bother him [Prince], I didn’t even know he was back there! It was so many people back there; Tyler Perry was back there, Rev. Jesse Jackson was back there, Al Sharpton was back there, for them to block off the one section that the police told us to go through….I was three feet away, I wouldn’t have even seen Prince. It is what it is. It’s sad that it had to happen that way, he is hands down one of the greatest. It wasn’t even him.


Check out a clip from this season of “R&B Divas” below.

Will you be tuning in to TV One tonight at 10:00?????


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