Whoa! A Gallery Of Mind-Blowing Fun Facts, Theories & Photos

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Mind-blowing Fun Facts, Conspiracy Theories & Photos

There are countless unsolved mysteries about the universe that will never be solved, and that’s cool, because there’s nothing more entertaining than wacky conspiracy theories, urban myths and internet speculation which are WAY more intriguing than the actual truth.

Hit the jump for a gallery of mind-blowing fun facts, theories and photos (that might change your life).

The Magic School Bus kids grew up to be Planeteers? Whoa.

Uncle Phil = voice of Shredder on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? WHOA.


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    Proper way to eat a cupcake? WHO KNEW?

    Let’s be real: All you saw were chicken strips (and maybe even got hungry) but those are puppies at the  bottom.



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