Break Yo’self: Shady Apollo Nida Ordered By Judge To Pay Back $2 Million Immediately

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Run ya pockets, playboy…

Judge Orders Apollo Nida To Pay Back $2 Million In Fraud Money Immediately

Via RadarOnline

It was a dark day for Apollo Nida when the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was sentenced to eight years in prison on July 8. Now, just over one week later, he received even more dire news. has learned that the reality star turned convict has been ordered by a judge to cough up nearly $2 million in restitution payments to his fraud victims, effective “immediately.”

According to court documents filed in Atlanta on July 16, Nida owes a total of $1,948,214.85. Of that, $127,011.52 will go to the IRS; $126,213.84 to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; $89,761.65 to the U.S. Treasury; $15,778.70 to the State of California; $45,525.68 to the State of Connecticut; $28,249.80 to the State of Iowa; $2,289.47 to the State of Indiana; $3,528.03 to L.A. County; $954.60 to the State of Mississippi; $664.38 to the State of Nebraska; $2,196.37 to the State of New York; $2,200 to San Diego County; $39,275.27 to the State of Texas; $3,284.52 to the State of Utah; $456.85 to the State of Vermont; and $7,612.26 to the State of Wisconsin.

Other victims to be paid back include Delta, which will get $24,985.99; investment company VALHI, INC., $319.52; Campus USA Credit Union $277,000; Up2Drive BMW Bank of North America, $100,000; The Farmers State Bank, $43,006.20; Nationwide Bank, $44,500; Capital One, $30,000; Digital Federal Credit Union, $45,000; Georgia’s Own Credit Union, $35,000; Patelco Credit Union, $25,000; and JP Morgan Chase Bank, $828,300.20.

All of that is “due and payable immediately” according to the documents.

But if he can’t wipe out the debt all at once, the court has ordered that “any portion of the criminal monetary debt that remains unpaid” when he gets out of prison “shall be paid at the monthly rate of at least $250, plus 25% of gross monthly income in excess of $2,300.”

That’s a whole lotta numbers, but then again, Apollo has a whole lotta time. We’re not sure how he’s gonna come up with that gwap though.

Probably defraud another company…SMH

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