Florida Crazies: Nekkid Creeper On The Loose After Breaking Into Home To Watch Teen Sleep

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Hide Ya Kids!

Florida Man Wanted For Breaking Into Home Naked And Watching Teen Sleep

Boy, if you live in Florida you might want to get bars on the windows and deadbolts on all the doors.

According to NY Daily News reports:

A teenage girl in Longwood, Fla., can’t sleep ever since she caught a burglar in the buff spying on her. Police are hunting for the suspect who allegedly broke into her family’s home and watched her sleep

The bare peeper broke into the home on July 1, police said. He apparently removed screens from a window and crawled through into the house, Orlando’s WKMG reported.

Ashley Holt, 17, woke up around 3:45 a.m. because the hallway light was on and her bedroom door was open. She saw the man silently standing in her doorway.

The teen got a good look at the nude intruder. He was a 50- to 60-year-old man. His 5-foot-8 frame was heavy set and his hair was thinning, she told police.

Once the man noticed she was awake, he fled, running out of the front door, police said.

Ashley wasn’t harmed, but she said she is now fearful and has trouble sleeping.

“I hate sleeping in my room,” she told the TV station. “I can’t sleep in my own room.”

The man has been on the loose ever since. Longwood officers are worried that his next attack might be more violent.

SMH. This is just crazy

Longwood Police Department/WKMG

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